A Record of Sixty-five Years’ Visits to the Woods and Waters of North America
With 950 photographs by the author
George Shiras
Second edition
Published by National Geographic Society 1936

Volume I
Lake Superior Region

Volume II
Wild Life of Coasts, Islands and Mountains

"George Shiras, 3rd, was born in Pittsburgh in 1859 and, has become one of America’s most widely known and appreciated field naturalists. For more than 60 years he has been visiting wilderness haunts and recording his observations in articles illustrated with his own remarkable photographs of wild life…"

There are no dust jackets.
The book condition is reasonable to good with some wear on the hard covers. Pages clean, crisp, and bright.
There are 450 pages each.
Smoke Free

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  1. This is something I looked into getting myself a while back, but with current finances, it’s been pushed to the back burner. I’ll have to check out yours next time I visit. It’ll be cool to read about the invention of night-time photography, even if it wasn’t a relative who first made i possible.

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