Greetings from Seattle – belated

Check out some of these great shots from Seattle. We arrived on Oct. 20th and returned home Oct. 30th. We saw lots of wonderful places like Snoqualmie Falls, Fremont Troll and the Pacific Science Center. We’ve been to Kirkland, Seattle, Poulsbo, and Mt. Saint Helens. I’ll give a more in-depth report when I have more time but this should whet your whistle.

Some things to know about Seattle – it doesn’t rain all the time. In fact, it’s hardly rained at all. Also, Subaru seems to be the car of choice around here. I’m guessing it’s the all-wheel drive that makes it so appealing. Starbucks coffee is actually competing against Tully’s coffee but Seattle’s Best truly is the best (or so I’m told).

Anyway, cruise on over to Photo Julia’s to see more photos from our Seattle trip. I’ll eventually be adding some here too.

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