Grandma Paula

381Julia’s grandma went into the hospital last Tuesday to have surgery on her legs and possibly her heart due to clogged arteries which is causing her major pain and discomfort. Anyways, the doctor got 1/2 way through the surgery and he said he couldn’t continue or else she could possibly die. Her arteries are very small and worse than he thought, so she is being transferred to a hospital in Phoenix. She’s not a believer, so Julia and I are really sad because we don’t want her to go to hell. We have been praying that the Lord would be gracious over her family and soften their hearts to the gospel. We hope to see her soon so that we can love on her and if God presents the opportunity, we can share the gospel and pray with her. We appreciate your prayers.

Last Thursday, grams saw her local doctor today and now she wont be going to Phoenix till Wednesday (today). Things are actually looking better and better, praise God! She still has to have the surgery, but the doctors are taking great care of grams and they don’t want to over do anything, so they are only going to put the heart stints in on Wednesday and let her heal. After she heals, they will see about additional surgery, but they don’t want to add additional stress to her body. The doctor told her to stop smoking (only God can change that habit!) and Richard, her husband, is being very supportive and encouraging by agreeing to stop smoking with her. There are many unanswered questions, but hearing this little bit of information has made us feel more at ease. Thank you Lord!

Thank you all for your prayers….we appreciate you all and can’t thank God enough for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please pray that God regenerates her heart spiritually and physically.

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