Grand Canyon Skywalk on Google Maps

With the recent opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, I thought it would be good to locate the Grand Canyon Skywalk on Google Maps since there is no Skywalk address. The Skywalk is located here…

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Where is the Grand Canyon Skywalk? The white patch of ground is where the Skywalk is (not yet shown). This is also know as “Eagle Point” Which is named after the rock formation in the middle of the canyon. Learn more about the Skywalk and see pictures by reading other recent posts about the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Hope you enjoyed this Grand Canyon Skywalk map.

Directions from Kingman, AZ Total Miles: 70
North on Stockton Hill Road 42 miles
Right turn (North) on to Pierce Ferry Road 7 miles
Right turn (East) on to Diamond Bar Road 21 miles
**Diamond Bar Road will end at the only entrance to Grand Canyon West, which is the Grand Canyon West Airport.
Approximate Travel Time: 1hr 40mins

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