Gospel and State – regarding Prop 8

Tom over at Blogogetics.com wrote a post about California’s Prop 8. It’s well worth the read.

After talking to individuals within our church I have come to understand that there is widespread confusion as to how being faithful to Scripture, through political action, to help encourage city-wide shalom (peace), is attained. In other words I have seen a “disconnect” between how we view God, and how God informs the state, and therefore; how we think and vote in this civic process to attempt to maintain a unity between Scripture and state. Because of this disconnect, we don’t know how to enjoin God’s idea of city-wide shalom and our role in encouraging this through a vote, or whether this is even proper. As an elder of Kaleo it is my responsibility to shepherd you through this thought process and help you make an informed decision come election time. Well, election time is here, in fact it is tomorrow, and I know as a community we are woefully ill informed as to how Scripture and the state are to exist together, and how our role as Gospel practitioners has a voice in that relationship.

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