Google Video – Haunted Car Commercial

If you look and listen very closely, you will see what the filmmakers saw in the final editing of this car commercial; a fine, white mist that follows the car. They could not explain it except that the stunt driver had recently lost a loved one and he believed that the spirit of his departed sister was watching out for him. This is very weird. If you listen closely you can hear a very faint voice in the background as well.

This is actually a test of the Google Video feature. Since much of my traffic comes looking for Haunted Car Commercials, I thought I’d make it even easier to find them. Visit to find out more.

If traffic statistics on video sites are any indication, web surfers have a growing appetite for moving pictures. One of the most interesting aspects of working on Google Video is seeing all the videos that come in, on literally all sorts of topics — from the air guitar championships to how caffeine works. With so much great content, wouldn’t it be great if you could publish this content on whichever site you want?

Last week, we launched a feature on Google Video that allows you to embed Google Video content in your website. Does your site cover films? Show the trailer for Pixar’s new movie “Cars” right on your website. Explore Google Video and you’ll find a wide selection of content that can be displayed on your site.

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  1. OMG! today during my social studies class my teacher showed his to us. I actually believed him. I was standin infront of the screen with my face about an inch away.Boy that man is mean

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