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We’re not the more outgoing people but we’re not hermits either and the lasts couple of weekends were proof of that. But before I get into that, I should probably walk you through a typical day…

Benjamin is still a wild card. He eats and sleeps pretty much whenever the mood strikes him. It’s kind of predictable but not reliable – so we just roll with it.

Corbin on the other hand, you can pretty much set your watch by him.

    • 6:37 Wakes up, eats, plays
    • 12:10 Eats lunch, plays
    • 1:30 naps
    • 3:34 wakes, plays
    • 5:00 eats dinner, plays
    7:38 brushes teeth and goes to bed

We pretty much plan our days around his schedule. But not the past couple of weekends. No, no they haven’t. The past couple of weekends have been a whirlwind of activity (schedules be damned)

Memorial Weekend began with a return to the Zoo with the renewal of our membership. This time we got a Diamond Single Membership which allows Julia to bring one guest every time she goes. Sometimes that will be me, sometimes it will be one of her girlfriends.

What made this visit so unusual was the utter lack of crowds. We got there around 9:30 and the park felt empty until around noon. By 2:30 the zoo was getting a little tight and Corbin was getting sleepy. Overall, a good way to spend a Saturday.

Elephants at the Zoo (Elephant Odyssey)

Sunday, starts with church followed by a birthday party for a two year old at 2:00 at La Mesita Park. That leaves us with some time to kill between church and the party so we picked up some lunch and headed over to Mast Park where Corbin was quite the dare devil. The party was good too and Corbin enjoyed the wide open spaces and ladybug cupcakes.

Monday we met the cousins for breakfast -9:30 at Coco’s and then over to their house for swimming. The last time we tried swimming Corbin was not a big fan. Even though he loved his bath time, I think the deep water (of an above ground pool with the best pool pump) was just a little too unsettling for him – back then. Now, he was eager and willing to get in and didn’t show any signs of fear or unease. Unfortunately we had to get out and dry off as we had a BBQ at our friends house starting at 3:00.

This last Friday a friend of ours was able to get us into Lego Land for free (and then took off). We had never been before and were pleasantly surprised. It was larger than I expected and because the rides are smaller, there are more of them. The rides are designed for kids from 34″ in hight to about Jr. High age (aka middle school) and are big enough to accommodate parents – even big ones. I think Corbin’s favorite rides were Skipper School and Cargo Ace.

Corbin on Safari

Saturday was a another birthday party but for one of our friends and it didn’t start until 5:00. So we figured we show up, visit for a couple hours and head home in a timely manner. Five hours later we’re finally making our way to the van. Normally tis would be insanity but the only other kid there was one of Corbin’s best playmates Stasi. She’s a year older but they have virtually the same temperament and interest and play very well together. They were laughing together all evening long and aside from one incident, there was no problems staying up so late.

One of the nice things about Corbin falling asleep in the car (instead of his bed) is that we can put him in his big-boy bed to help him get comfortable with the idea since Benjamin will be moving into the crib once he can sleep through the night consistently (maybe as soon as he’s down to one night-time feeding).

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  1. I thought you were trying for German advertisements. Instead I get a baby Swaddler – that turns your wee one into a caterpillar. O.o

    Anywho sounds like a fun weekend(s). I should see about getting to one of the semi-local zoos.

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