Gazelle 2000 workout video

run like the wind
run like the wind

Last weekend we went and visited my family. We do this every 6-8 weeks so that they don’t miss out on seeing Corbin’s growth and development. On our previous trip, my cousins Sarah and Jess showed me a home video they made. Using nothing more than one cell phone for recording and another for the music (preinstalled ringtones), they improvised this workout video for Tony Little’s Gazelle

The Gazelle exercise machine is one of the latest entries in the home gym market. From what I’m hearing from my cousins, it is a crucial part of owning the best home gym 2019 has to offer. For those of you who watch TV late at night, I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of viewing Tony Little’s Gazelle Freestyle infomercial…he is without question one of the most annoying pitchmen in the history of television.

My sister and I were at a friends house and she couldn’t figure out how to use their gazelle, I thought it was so funny that we taped it, but she ended up making it into a workout video, it was totally improv.

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  1. That was absolutely WONDERFUL!!! My only wish is that it wasn’t so dark. Improv comedy is really the best form of comedy. “Best in Show” is an excellent example of that.

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