G-whiz Gmail, finally with the themes

Official Gmail Blog: Spice up your inbox with colors and themes

Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your Gmail account. To choose a theme, click a thumbnail on the Themes tab of your Settings page.

In some cases, you can also customize by location. Some themes change during the day, and we use the location information you provide to correctly time these changes with your local sunrise, sunset, and/or weather. If you select one of these themes, you’ll see a Country/Region drop-down menu appear. Select the country you want, and then enter a city in the field provided. If you don’t enter a city, or enter an invalid one, we’ll set your location to the capital city of the country you selected. When you’re done, click Save.

So what’s your theme?

5 thoughts on “G-whiz Gmail, finally with the themes

  1. Oh, and here I thought you were going to rant endlessly about pointless cutesy trappings and bring the collective ire of the internet against you again.

    I’m disappointed. :P

  2. Okay…that’s weird. I went to my Gmail setting to look for Themes, didn’t see it so I changed my photo and posted the above comment. I did a few things in other programs and came back to Gmail to find that everything is a new color! How did that happen??? It’s kinda creepy! LOL

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