Fun with Javascript

Over at, there’s an article with 8 Javascript solutions to common CSS problems. This might be a little advanced for some users but these techniques are showing up on more and more web pages and you may want to take the time to try a couple just so you understand how they work.

    Transparent backgrounds with JQuery
    Include different classes for different browsers
    Columns of equals height with JQuery
    Cross browser rounded corners
    Fixing IE overflow problem
    Vertical alignments
    Image preloading
    Killing IE6

Check out the full article for instructions as well as links to the sources of each solution.

3 thoughts on “Fun with Javascript

  1. Interesting site, but I disagree on the advocacy of crashing IE6. Yeah, it sucks, but a surprising amount of people (some sites quote 30%+, others nearer 10% – either way that’s potentially a lot of people!)

  2. …sorry… got distracted and hit post!

    A surprising amount of people still use IE6, and I’m not sure it’s good for that site to advocate crashing the browser.

  3. Yeah, too many people still use IE6. A better solution is to display a “Download Firefox” banner for those users. But it’s interesting to see that it could be done and how.

    BTW – is the “edit post” feature not working? Nevermind, it has a 3min time limit and your posts are about 9min apart.

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