From Sex To Religion…

I’m suing for harassment. I never thought it would come to this but the offense was just too great to overlook.

You see, while at work, I passed by an empty desk and happened to notice something that just wasn’t right. It was training video with a very inappropriate title. I was traumatized.

You see, a company called G.Neil makes training videos for companies to use in the workplace, including one titled From Sex to Religion and Everything inbetween. Unfortunately, the title reads “From Sex to Religion” with all the other parts in small, hard to read font sizes. So instead of seeing a Harassment Training video, I saw an offensive “How-to” video about forcing personal agendas onto your co-workers.

Harassment Takes Many Forms; Stop It on Every Count and Stay out of Court!

These workplace harassment training programs challenge viewers to identify harassing behaviors and suggest appropriate ways to handle various situations through realistic scenarios that address all categories of harassment (sex, race, color, religion, age, etc.).

Well said G.Neil, well said. See you in court!

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