Friday’s Ark

So I thought I’d post this image as it has been popular with those who’ve seen it and those who haven’t are definitely missing out. Now, I realize not everyone is a cat fan (heck, I’ve never had a cat – mom was alergic) but even the most anti cat person can appreciate this photo – if not for the subject, at least for the composition, right?

OK, since I’m posting this adorable little creature, I might as well participate in the Friday Ark. I haven’t done this before and am probably doing it all wrong, but hey, I don’t care (I do, I’m just being proud). So visit the Carnival of Cats to see more cute furry goodness (or evil as the case may be).

As a side note, this is not our cat. It lives at my aunt’s house near San Fransisco (9 hrs drive) so don’t expect any updates soon. Also, feel free to look at the complete menagerie by going here.

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