Four Memory

My friend Radioactive Jam prompted me to make this list. I usually don’t do these kind of “self-surveys” but I’m curious how much will change over the next year(s). Some are easy and some are hard either because I have many answers to choose from or I don’t have enough (how sad) So without any further delay, I give you Four Memory

Four jobs you?ve had in your life:

* Service Deli Clerk
* Meat Dept. Clerk
* CSM – Home Improvement Warehouse
* Architect (not-licensed – yet)

Four movies you could watch over and over again:

* Serenity
* Fifth Element
* The Princess Bride
* Kill Bill

Four places you?ve lived:

* Victorville, CA
* Tempe, AZ
* San Diego, CA
* Oakland, CA

Four TV shows you love to watch:

* Battlestar Galactica
* Firefly
* Veronica Mars
* Spongebob Squarepants

Four places you?ve been on vacation:

*San Fransisco
*San Diego

Four websites you visit daily:

*Wordpress Forums
*WPG2 Forums

Four of your favorite foods:

*Chicken Fajitas
*Hawaiian Pizza
*Chipotle Burritos

Four places you?d rather be:

*San Anselmo

Four albums you can?t live without:

*Severe Tire Damage – TMBG
*Making of Easy – Kathi Burg
*Back Tuva Future – Kongar-ol Ondar
*Fidelity on High – Bezelel

4 thoughts on “Four Memory

  1. Hmm. I’ve never seen Fifth Element or Kill Bill. Strangely enough I *have* seen – and liked – Kill Bill 2. Have you seen both?

    And did you enjoy living in SF? I’ve visited a few times, and thought I might like it as a place to live.

    By the way – I tried commenting here previously (yesterday), and apparently entered a bad check-code. Also apparently, the check-code plugin (?) doesn’t save/restore/preserve the attempted comment text because the page reloaded with a blank comment box.

  2. Both movies are really good and based on your list, I’d say you would enjoy them. Kill Bill v1 is stylisticly very different from v2. I think Quentin put it best when he said v1 has a very Asian feel with a Western plot while v2 has a “Western” look with an Asian plot. He says it better in the DVD extras but it makes sense when you’ve seen both.

    Fifth Element is probably the best SciFi movie I’ve ever seen. Even better than Star Wars and Blade Runner. Not because of the story (which is good) but because of the quality of story telling.

    As for the commenting, maybe I can deactivate the check-code or add a warning but I’ve never seen that problem. My webhost was having problems so maybe it was a fluke thing. Sorry I missed the comment.

    Oh, and I lived in Oakland but visited SanFran – just to be clear.

  3. Now that I think on it, I’ve mistyped the check code before and not lost the pending comment. Host fluke seems more likely. And the successful comment pretty much covered what I said in the earlier attempt, which went for the same post.

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