For Sale: one soul – slightly used

Before I begin, I have to tell you…6 – 8 weeks is a long time.

OK, so last Friday I’m at Dell Taco, no wait – I’m at Fantastic Sam’s. Scratch that, I’m at the Dealer’s. Actually, I’m taking my 5th ARE exam and that means I only have four more to go. Woohoo!

The Architect Registration Examination (ARE) assesses candidates for their knowledge, skills, and ability to provide the various services required in the practice of architecture. The ARE is the only examination prepared by NCARB and has been adopted for use by all 54 U.S. member boards and the Canadian provincial architectural associations as the registration examination required of all candidates for architectural registration.

In other words, I’m closer to my goal of becoming a real architect. It’s been a slow start but I hope to be finished with my exams by the end of the year. I took (and passed) the first three exams but I’m still waiting for the results of #4. It’s been 5 weeks out of the 6-8 weeks they say it takes to get the results. Prior to this, the results arrived within 4 weeks so I’m getting a little anxious.

At least it’s not as bad as last time. Last time (Dec 06) as I anxious awaited my results for that test, I got – not one – but two letters stating my testing fees had not gone through. Imagine the lump in my stomach as I open a letter expecting to see my results (Pass/Fail) only to find my credit card didn’t go through. No problem, I call them up and pay over the phone and get a confirmation of payment. Two days later, another letter, another lump in the stomach and another notice my fees are not paid and my results will be withheld until I pay. It turns out the second letter was sent the same day I paid by phone so the system wasn’t updated quick enough.

After spending 6 hours taking test #5, my third and final graphical exam, I had some errands to run. First on my list – oil change in the ol’ Camry. I have some coupons so I take it the dealership where they say the wait is about and hour and fifteen minutes – Perfect! I hand over the keys and walk across the street to my Civil Engineer’s office to see if they delivered my drawings which were due a week ago – they have. Next, time for a haircut. Fantastic Sam’s is just down the street so they have the pleasure of hacking off my moptop. All goes well so I have time to grab some lunch. Oh, look – Dell Taco. I haven’t have that for some time so what a nice treat for me. While I’m sitting there, eating my Macho Beef Burrito and drinking my Cherry Coke I can’t help from staring at the little candy/sticker vending machine. You know the kind. You put in 50 cents and hope something comes out. Kind of like a cracker jack prize without the snack food.

What caught my attention the most was a series of stickers showing various catholic images that when combined for a gold-bordered cross. Kind of like the Voltron of religious merchandise. I’m not sure how many stickers it takes to get the full set but it may take a few extra tries. So how much money can one make selling their religious beliefs for a small profit? Or it that prophet?

6 thoughts on “For Sale: one soul – slightly used

  1. So where’s the selling the soul bit?..

    Is it the ‘Gotta catch them all’ stickers?

    Sounds like a long rambling post about not much in particular :P Back when I was first on the internet people had something to say, not all these blogs about “I had a really day..” and go on and on with 7 (totally random number <_< ) paragraphs of nothing. Then there were meaningful comments too, not just some weird guy following quasi-related links to current posts and then typing a whole paragraph just to say he wasn’t quite sure what the point of the post was….

  2. Yeah, the whole post was about the stickers but it needed a rambling story detour to hide the fact I didn’t have much to say. It wasn’t until much later that I had something worth while to say on the topic of Jesus Junk.

  3. Who?

    I read the titles, descriptions and a few of the reviews… I don’t quite get it. Unless it’s a quote from one of the books… ?

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