Flying is for the birds

So we’re sitting in the airport waiting to board our plane and we’re having to dodge the flock of birds that live here. Several starlings have taken up residence here in the terminal. I don’t know how they got in or managed to get to the farthest end of the terminal but they seem quite happy to be here. The fancy ceilings are ideal for them because the ceiling clouds are not closed off. That means the birds are free to set up nests in the plenum space above the lights in among the air ducts and wiring and insulation without being disturbed by people or too much noise or too much light. And as far as i know, there are no preditors for them to worry about. Plus with the cool fountains and food courts around here, they have plenty to eat and drink and bathe in.

In case you don’t know, we’re going to Hawaii – Kuaui to be specific. This is a wonderfully generous Christmas gift from PhotoJulia’s parents to us. They own a timeshare and can’t use it this year, so they gave Julia and her brother one week each and paid for the air fare (rental car is on us). Well, their starting to board so I’ll have to finish here.

This was originally typed while waiting for our flight last week. Over the next few days I plan to recap our trip including suggestions and tips and hopefully some maps and other resources to help others with their trip.

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