First Dance

Michele asked (on Marianne?s behalf)
What song did you (or would you) choose as your wedding or first dance song?

This is where it gets interesting. You see, I?ve been married before. Lasted 7 years. Ended peacefully. The ‘first dance’ song then was Come Sail Away by STYX. I Thought it was pretty funny that this song, which started out talking about angels, ends up to be about aliens and a spaceship.

But when I married Julia (aka PhotoJulia) things were different. Back then, I thought I was a Christian. When I married Julia, I knew I was. God had definitely been working in me to prepare me for the bride of my youth (Proverbs 5:18-19) and it wasn?t an easy fix. I look back and see how and why my first marriage failed. I entered into my last marriage with that knowledge. And I pray every day that God continues to remind me of that and convicts me of my sin so that I can repent and continue to be sanctified and brought closer to Him.

Our wedding song was Wonderful Maker by Chris Tomlin. I?ve included the lyrics to all songs so you can see the difference between who I was and who God has made me become.
And no, Come Sail Away is not a reference Ezekiel 1.

Come Sail Away – STYX

Im sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea
Ive got to be free, free to face the life thats ahead of me
On board, Im the captain, so climb aboard
Well search for tomorrow on every shore
And Ill try, oh lord, Ill try to carry on

I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory
Some happy, some sad
I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
We live happily forever, so the story goes
But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold
But well try best that we can to carry on

A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said
They said come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

(Huge musical interlude)

I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise
They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies
Singing come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

Wonderful Maker by Chris Tomlin

You spread out the skies over empty space
Said “let there be light”
Into a dark and formless world Your light
was born

You spread out Your ams over empty hearts
Said “let there be light”
Into a dark and hopeless world Your Son
was born

You made the world and saw that it was good
You sent Your only son for You are good

What a wonderful Maker
What a wonderful Savior
How majestic Your whispers
And how humble Your love
With a strength like no other
And the heart of a Father
How majestic Your whispers
What a wonderful God

No eye has fully seen, how beautiful the cross
And we have only heard
The faintest whispers of how great You are

Spoken For ? Mercy Ne

Take this world from me
I don’t need it anymore
I am finally free
My heart is spoken for

Oh and I praise you
Oh and I worship you…

Covered by your love divine
Child of the risen Lord
To hear you say “This one’s mine”
My heart is spoken for

Now I have a peace
I’ve never known before
I find myself complete
My heart is spoken for

Oh and I praise you
Oh and I worship you…


By the power of the cross
You’ve taken what was lost
And made it fully yours
And I have been redeemed
By you that spoke to me
Now I am spoken for

[Chorus 2x]

Take this world from me
Don’t need it anymore…

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  1. Great songs, and great contrast.

    Aside: you seem to have spilled some vanilla on your template…

    middle of an upgrade. Back soon.

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