False Alarm

The fire alarms are a false alarm. Apparently someone on the 5th floor tripped the alarm. Building management has advised us to stay on alart at our own discretion.

This was a message sent to us by our receptionist shortly after two fire alarms this morning. Spelling aside, I’m not really sure what it means. First, am I to stay alert at my own discretion? Like I can choose to stay or not stay on alert. Or maybe they just want to wash their hands of it in the event that the next one isn’t a false alarm and we get burned to a crisp. Whould they come back and say “we told them to stay on alert, they decided not to. Not our fault” I think that worked out well for Great White.

WARNING: This video contains graphic footage of a tragic nightclub fire. Viewer discretion is advised.

This tragedy was the result of many things including a lack of properly marked exits for the number of occupants, no fire sprinklers, flammable wall coverings, and a stupid pyrotechnic.

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