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/Flowers/Exotic Since I’ve been a little lax in posting recently, I thought I’d take the easy way out. And by easy way out, I mean I’m going to share a Featured Album. This week it’s Exotic Flowers so click on the image and check out some of Julia’s photos. Now these were taking around San Diego but may not be native. And since we’re not the botanical types we don’t even know what they are half the time (is “pretty” a species?) If you happen to know the name (sceintific or common) please leave a comment on the individual photos. That would help a lot. Also, you can visit PhotoJulia.com to go straight to the gallery now.

In other related news, doing a google search for Julia’s Gallery shows that the little gallery that could – did. When I first started, the gallery ranked 200+ on google despite my best efforts. However, with a little SEO and basic improvements I was able to move us up to 151 – yeeha! So I did a little more (and I do mean little) and was pleasantly surprised to see us move from 151 up to #6 WOW! Now that feels good. But the story doesn’t end there. The other day, we happened to check again and to our amazement, we were #1 As of today, we are back to #2 but I imagine there will be slight adjustments as google refines their search engines and so I will be content to live in the top three. Now if only I could get back to writing more often, i’d be in heaven.

Oh, I almost forgot. We found someone who will print cards for us at a great price. We’re going to get a proof made and see how it looks but if all goes well, you’ll be able to order cards from the gallery very soon. We may even be able to get them pre-printed with custom messages for those too lazy to write your own. Anyways, if you have any experience with this or online sales in general, let me know what we can do to make it easier on us and our “customers”

7 thoughts on “Exotic Flowers

  1. Thanks man (and others) I keep trying. I read other’s blogs and so often find their content more engaging and think to my self, “self, why don’t you write like that?” But then I should write for others but for myself. Anyway, do a search for haunted car commercial and you’ll find me near the top. I’m also popular with should women be allowed to preach and vin diesel RFG. But hey, it’s helped me earn a whopping $18 so far (over the past 18 months)

  2. I have some questions. Is it “haunted” car commercials, or “haunted car” commercials? And – where are they?
    Just kidding. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong – or possibly right – but I’ve had very few strange search hits.

    You have consistently fine content here and I hope you remain interested in continuing same. See you around!

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