Everyone loves stats

I was reading/approving/editing some comments just now and realized I have received over 70,000 comments (based on current comment id#. Which made me all excited until I realized, most of that was spam comments (as was the case for comment #70,000). None-the-less, I thought I’d share with you some relevant stats about my site in case anyone was interested.

You have 789 posts, 10 pages, 1 draft, 1 scheduled post, contained within 15 categories and 9 tags. You have 2,282 total comments, 1,585 approved, 697 spam and 0 awaiting moderation.

You are using the Treacle theme with 0 widgets. Change Theme This is WordPress version 2.6.2.

Akismet has protected your site from 110,793 spam comments already, and there are 697 comments in your spam queue right now.

In other news, I’ve been nominated for a web award. A real one, not like that fake one I nominated myself for. This one comes from Kristi of The Winchester Mantoni’s…and other stuff. Kristi is “Just a normal newlywed from South Dakota living in Winchester, Virginia. A Graphic Designer by day and a poker player by night!” But more than that, she’s my inside scoop to the the world of American Idol and So you Think You Can Dance (about an hour before we watch it, which drives my wife insane)

I will now pass on the honor per the following requirements:

    1. The winner can (and should, really) put the logo on his/her blog.
    2. The winner must link to the person from whom they received their award.
    3. The winner must nominate at least 7 other blogs for an award.
    4. The winner must place links to those blogs on their own blog.
    5. The winner must leave a message on the blogs of the people they?ve nominated.
  • PhotoJulia, because let’s be honest, she writes about what you want to read.
  • Radioactive Jam because he writes what everyone wishes they could say.
  • Musings from the Hinterland because he writes about things we don’t understand, in a way we can understand.
  • The Rocky Road because we all need a little reminder of what’s really important.
  • Wholy4Christ, because he got kicked out of his church for stating a blog.
  • Forecast Says Rain… because she’s so far from home but is handling it in true Elizabethan style. Besides, who can live without Chipotle?
  • HonestyRain because so few people can make you laugh while kicking life’s blog in the balls.
  • Thanks for the award Kristi, and thanks to my nominees for your blogs, they really are worth reading.

    2 thoughts on “Everyone loves stats

    1. First – you have like, ten times as many Akismet-blocked spamments as me. How is that even possible?! Oh wait, I don’t update, so I don’t get attention. So there *is* that, I guess…
      And thanks for the recognition. I really do plan on resuming at some point, and when I do I’ll go with the requirements as– well, required. :)
      Thanks again.

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