Even I – Huiku

January 31, 2008 1 By archshrk

Some time back my good friend RaJ asked us to “submit an original haiku (see details below); best entry will win a very special prize.”

To be eligible, your haiku must contain at least one of the following terms.

    * titanium
    * Bucky T (or Bucky The Spork or Bucky)
    * spork

To explain the strange criteria, you have to know about his prized titanium spork, which he named Bucky T. Anyway – even though I didn’t win, my entry was considered “a Shakespearean effort, and nicely done”.

Titanium spork
Bucky T art thou
wondrous tool be

It’s even better than the my inspiration if I do say so my self (and I do)

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