Encouraging words

This is a response to my last post “When things get messy” that I recieved from my ‘courting partner’ (JG)“I will be praying for you and the volunteers that come on Thursday nights. I thanked God last night that Vanessa thought of you instead of having her kids endangered or on the streets. God was gracious with you last night and as much of a difficult situation it was, God blessed her and her children with a place to rest. I do hope in the future that Kaleo will be able to have a fund for that kind of thing because it does get hard to take out of your own finances. I love you though for being so generous, caring, and proactive to help her. So many people pass off people everyday because they don’t want to deal with other peoples messes or they just don’t care—but you do. I love that about you:) You have a huge heart that bleeds for people as Jesus’ heart bled for all of us. Take this experience as a learning experience.” – JGIsn’t she wonderful? Well this message really lifted my spirits and encouraged me very much last night as we went out again to deliver burritos and the Gospel to the homeless. We give them burritos because they’re homeless, the Gospel because they’re lost.

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