Dorkwad Church

May 19, 2006 4 By archshrk

I was hoping you could pray for our desire to find a building. We are spending too much where we are for what we get, and I feel God is pressing us to find something different. We don?t have the resources, so please pray for God?s blessings for us financially. Also, please pray for wisdom so that we do what God wills, and that we communicate what our needs are clearly.

This need was made painfully clear this past Sunday during our service. You see, Kaleo currently meets at the AMC Mission Valley 20
theaters. It’s been pretty good for us in that it’s a nice place for worship, what with the comfortable chairs and stadium seating – very plush, but it’s not so good for the other stuff like Children’s ministry and mid-week meetings or studies. Having to setup and tear down every week is no picnic either. But being centrally located in San Diego and in a neutral setting (vs. a big ol’ church) has been more inviting for those comming for the first time.

Our weekly attendance has been growing quite a bit these past several months and we currently have an average attendance of around 200 each week. Theater #4 seats 344 so we have room for growth but that tends to slow down once you reach 80% capacity (275). Not that size is important since we prefer to plant churches rather than become a Mega Church, but we don’t want to discourage anyone from coming to Kaleo.

So we are looking for our own building where we can permanantly set up for our Sunday Service and Children’s Ministry, hold classes during the week and even store supplies and have an office to work from and even a place to get real mail delivered. This need was painfully made clear this past sunday as we were discussing Motherhood and the Missio Dei. Just as David is geting into “God?s mission for mothers- The reconciliation of all things” the theater’s pre-movie promo starts blaring over the sound system. Now it was just the sound but even without the accompanying visual images it was quite distracting. In fact it was too loud for David to talk over so we kind of paused while someone looked into the matter.


No one at the theater can figure out why that happen since they aren’t automatic but I suspect someone meant to activate one theater and just made a mistake. So, what was so difficult about the interuption? Well, it was the promo for movie where the Miami Vice dressed roommate of a computer geek mocks him for his “mission” to make it easy to buy movie tickets on the computer. Aside from being very loud, the roommate kept refering to the geek as “Dorkwad” as in

Hey Tiffiny, Dorkwad here thinks someday everyone is going to have a computer in their home and their going to use it to buy movie tickets. What a Dorkwad.

What a Dorkwad!

Please feel free to donate to our “get our own place” fund or just pray for us – or both.