Dear Rubio’s

I filled out one of those online surveys for Rubio’s today and thought I’d share what I wrote.

One issue I have with Rubio’s (and this is true of all the Rubio’s I visit) is the problem with using customer names. While the idea is not an issue (I can remember my name better than a random number) but the application of this system needs work. I don’t expect much but I find it bothersome that few, if any, of the cashiers at Rubio’s can spell my name correctly. I’d understand if I had a strange or funny name but LUKE is not that difficult to spell. More at

I couldn’t write more because it limits the size but that should be enough to get the idea across. If you’re not familiar with my saga, then click on the link and read from the beginning (no cheating). Now let’s see if I get a response or not. Hopefully, someone from Rubio’s will at least visit my site and get a good laugh.

Either way, I get $2 off my next order for taking the survey – that will help now that they’ve raised their prices again.

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