Daily Radar Letters _2000-06-26

Google is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and decided to do some spring cleaning. Among the things in the attic they found was a vintage search index in mint condition.

We had so much fun searching that we wanted to put this old index online for everyone to play with. We thought it’d be even cooler if we could actually see the full versions of the old web pages, so we worked with the Internet Archive to link to their cache of these pages from 2001. Step into the time machine and try a 2001 Google search.

So i gave it a whirl (since I was online as far back as 1995) but saddly, I can’t find anything except this, which I don’t remember writing (but it sounds like me). I’m always giving advice, I’m full of it.

Patches, Patches, Patches
I read the comments regarding fixing patches before they are released and of course totally agree. What I really wanted to respond to was the difficulty those of use still downloading at 3k/sec experience. I found a wonderful program over a year ago that helps this serious problem…Download managers are great because they can pause/resume downloads and some even segment to increase total download speed. I personally like GETRIGHT but GO!ZILLA is another popular download manager. Do your own research and go with what works for you. But never lose a download due to a disconnect, crash, or slow connection agian. – Daily Radar Letters _2000-06-26

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