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As Julia and I patiently await the arrival of our son (Dec 12), we continue to review the things we need to do and items we need to get. Some are absolute necessities like a crib and stroller and car seat and others are things that would really make things easier like safety gates and baby wipe warmers. Don’t get me wrong, safety gates are very useful, but there are other ways to keep children out of certain areas (trained monkeys for example).

One area that blurs the line is crib bedding. We need bedding and should really have crib bumpers but the question is, which ones. We could make them ourselves (or rather grandma could), we could buy cheap ones from the local clearance rack, or we could go big. We want to go big.

Enter the Paradise Bedding set. A quality baby bedding set is essential in making your nursery warm and inviting for your newborn. All Cotton Tale patterns are made using quality materials and are uniquely designed to create your perfect nursery. The Paradise four piece bedding set contains a sheet, dust ruffle, 4 piece sectioned bumper, and quilt in 100% cotton. These brightly colored appliqu?d jungle animals will surely delight your baby.

Julia put it this way, “The colors are vibrant and fun and our son can use it through his toddler years. Yea! What a relief to have one less thing to think about.”

Problem is, it’s “temporarily not available online” at Babies-R-Us (where we’re registered) and is not offered on (where we’re also registered) That leaves in-store shopping (not usually stocked) or trying to catch it when it’s in stock online.

We have almost three months before we need the bedding but for many retailers, the Paradise Bedding is a specialty item that takes 3 – 4 weeks for delivery.

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  1. Trust me…the bedding will be one of the small things you will need to be concerned about once you have the little one. The baby doesn’t really care what the bedding set looks like. He/she will just be happy to be fed, changed and be able to sleep somewhere. :-)

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