Corbin the aviary aviator

I found an old toy plane so Corbin and I decided to take it for a spin – literally. It’s a corrugated plastic bird plane and that’s what Corbin called it – airplane bird.

Sadly, the plane wasn’t so good at straight flight and showed a real propensity for banking to the right. This worked out since it ensured Corbin was safe from collision but the tree was not so lucky. There were a couple of times when the plane’s “beak” stuck into the ground which was kind of cool – until Corbin tossed the plane to me and got rain-soaked dirt on me. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Corbin the aviary aviator

    1. Cut me some slack. We live in a desert where there’s little rain and even fewer “fall” days. It was one of my favorite long-sleeve (non-work) shirts and the first day this season I had worn it. Of course, it was more the irony of it than anything else but it would have been nice to keep it clean for more than an hour.

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