Corbin Beard scores big plunder


Halloween this year was a lot different than last year. First off, Corbin walked the whole time. That’s not surprising considering he couldn’t walk at all last year, but he usually gets tired/lazy and wants to be carried about half the time. i think keeping up with his cousins made all the difference.

What really made this year so much fun was to see how much Corbin was into the Halloween spirit. Not only did he keep up with his cousins, he also was real good about saying trick-or-treat (a first) and thank you. the funny part was how about halfway through the neighborhood, he started trying to give his candy to the neighbors (in stead of the other way around). Luckily, his cousins made sure he got his share even if he didn’t.

Overall, it was a great night with family enjoying a simple tradition we hope to continue for years to come. More photos at Julia’s blog



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