Corbin at 5 weeks


Corbin is now 5 weeks old (almost 6 believe it or not) and from the pictures you can see that he’s growing fast. He is much more alert and playful now than a few weeks ago. He enjoys his swing, going for walks in the stroller, spending time with mom and dad and being swaddled especially for bedtime. He hasn’t quite figured out what his hands are for just yet, but I’m sure he will figure it out very soon. Lately, he’s been sleeping from 10:30pm to 4-4:30am and Julia is counting her blessings when she gets those 6 precious hours of sleep.

Enjoy the pictures. If you’re having trouble seeing the pictures, go HERE instead.

2 thoughts on “Corbin at 5 weeks

  1. He is certainly growing fast. And by the look of those photos, it seems to me that Corbin is trying to claim dominion over the sofa. Just wait, in a couple of years he will have a firm grip on the TV remote and declaring “Mine!”

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