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I’m experimenting with my Sponsor’s Competitive Ad Filter. A while back, I had added a huge list of domains to “blacklist” from my Google Adsense account. This is typically used to block you competitors from advertising on your site. Some people within the industry have suggested using this to increase your revenue by blocking low-paying advertisers. Unfortunately, this is probably self-defeating. Google wants your visitors to click on your ads. The more money you earn, the more money they’re earning. Google may give you low-paying ads but if more people click on those ads, your total revenue will be higher. 100 clicks times .03 cents equals $3 and 30 clicks at .10 cents equals $3. If people are 4 times more likely to click the .03-cent ad than a .10-cent ad, you come out ahead in the end.

So I’ve removed my filters to see if my overall revenue increases. I can only make this comparison because I’m getting enough traffic and click-through to notice a change. let me know if you notice a difference in the quality of ads on my sites. Also let me know if you find any morally objectional ads as well. After-all, this is still a family-friendly site.

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