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June 13, 2006

Coming Down From A StatCounter High

Well, the party’s over. On Memorial Day, PhotoJulia was the Official Photographer of our friends’ wedding. Earlier last week, she put the photos online for everyone to see (lots of out-of-town guests) She sent out the email letting everyone know they were ready for viewing and BAM! they descended like locus. Our site has never seen so much traffic, especially in one day. Looking at StatCounter we see that on Friday, June 9th we had 1,278 page views from 67 people (none of whom seemed to have clicked on my sponsors’ ads).

I typically average about 25 unique visitors and 45 page loads a day. Not too shaby but most of those are looking for Haunted Car Commercials Here are the stats for the week that was:

Day/Page Loads / Unique Visitors
Monday 46/27
Sunday 17/12
Saturday 317/226
Friday 1,278/67
Thursday 27/19
Wednesday 29/22
Tuesday 29/21

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  • At 4:52 pm on June 13, 2006, honestyrain commented:

    i’m aiming for a thousand hits a day. unique. tell your friends ;)

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