Songs for Christmas

If you?re looking for something truly unique, I would recommend Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens. In December 2001, Stevens set out to create a Christmas gift for his friends and family. The result was a seven-song recording that he called ?Noel Vol. 1?. Over the next several years, he created new EPs to add to the collection. This 5-CD box set includes all five volumes, plus a 42-page booklet with an original Christmas essay by acclaimed American novelist Ricky Moody, two essays, a short story by Stevens, a holiday sticker, chord charts, lyrics, comic strip, family portrait poster, photos, and an animated video.

There are traditional Christmas songs on here (both Christian and secular), Christian hymns, and even original songs by Mr. Stevens. Trying to describe Stevens? musical style is a little tricky. The best I can do is say it tends toward folk/rock but what it really does is capture the soulful side of our Christmas spirit and banish what Stevens calls “That Creepy Christmas Feeling”.

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