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There are changes ahead for me. This site’s hosting company has been ‘acquired’ which means I can expect some glitches and frustration. But I believe the transition will be a benefit. The new company will be improving the server loads and back-end management which should hopefully prove to be to your benefit. When it comes to websites, change is always scary but I think we can pull through this together.

I use PowWeb because of the bandwidth and storage space they offer at such a great price. They may not be as slick as other hosting companies but they are a bargin. With the increase in both bandwidth and storage, I am even more pleased to have selected them for my hosting company. I still use for my other sites but I am exited to think that these changes will result in fewer outages, faster page loads and easier site management.

April 18, 2006 — Shared Web hosting provider PowWeb announced on Monday that it had been acquired by The Endurance International Group, which owns several other Web hosting firms, including BizLand and FatCow.

There are some exciting changes on the way! I am pleased to announce that PowWeb has been acquired by a new management team, who will be making a number of important changes to provide you with an even more reliable, dynamic, feature-rich hosting environment.

While its ownership has changed, PowWeb’s commitment to providing high-quality, rock-solid hosting solutions is stronger than ever.

The new management team brings with it a wealth of hosting experience. They have been in the business since 1997 and have a proven history of delivering superior Web-hosting services. The two PowWeb teams, both old and new, will be working together over the next several months to make this transition a successful one.

The new Endurance management team, as its first official act, will be increasing the limits on ALL hosting plans for new AND existing customers to 20GB disk space and 400GB (13 gigs per day) per month for bandwidth.

The Endurance and PowWeb teams appreciate your loyalty! Enjoy!

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