• Apple Hill 12.09.11

    Saturday, the family took a trip up to Apple Hill (Placerville, CA) to enjoy some local farms and do some traditional fall activities. We hit several farms including two straw bale mazes and a corn maze, ate apple fritters, got a pie and checked out the animals and craft booths. Plus the drive was really […]

  • Throwing rocks in Chaska 29.06.11

    Two years ago, we spent some time with family in Chaska Minnesota. It was a fun trip full of relaxing as well as adventure but mostly it was a great get-away week. We begin our trip by missing our flight and having to wait in the airport for several hours for the next flight. This […]

  • Corbin meets The Mouse 16.12.10

    This is a little over due and picture heavy but well worth the wait (I hope) On Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 we exposed Corbin to the greatest corrupter of small children the world over – Disneyland. We decided that given his response to the county fair, he was old enough to appreciate a day at […]

  • See the Grand Canyon for free 22.01.10

    For those of you considering a trip to the Grand Canyon (especially the Grand Canyon Skywalk) you may want to watch this video first. Aerial Filmworks is working with the Grand Canyon National Park to film the national park using the Cineflex V14HD. This amazing gyro-stabilized aerial system uses an integrated Sony CineAlta HDC1500 camera. […]

  • Road to nowhere – now paved 14.01.10

    One Third Of Paving Completed On Unpaved Road To Grand Canyon West, Hualapai Tribe To Move Forward With Second Phase Of Paving. The first phase of paving Diamond Bar Road, the infamous road leading to Grand Canyon West, is now completed and we have recorded the entire process with the best night vision camcorders. The […]

  • Whew! 01.12.09

    That’s all I can say. Some weeks are busier than others but this past week was jam-packed, thus the blog silence. It all began 37 years ago… Earlier this year Julia and I signed up for Free Admission on Your Birthday! to Disneyland. Celebrate your birthday with the most magical birthday gift of all ? […]

  • My Dream Camera 11.11.09

    I mentioned a few weeks back about’s Wishlist Anniversary Sweepstakes and how each week, they are offering a different prize package in the form a wishlist (Well, I did). Anyway, this is the week I most want to win. Week 6 (Nov. 9-15): Yellowstone Photo Expedition with Canon Wish List — A trip for […]

  • Corbin at 22 months 13.10.09

    Corbin is now 22 months old (has been for a couple of weeks now) and he still surprises me with every new skill. Most things are subtle and are only noticeable in contrast to what he used to do/say. He’s beginning to put two words together which sounds easy but for a child, that’s a […]

  • Next time, I’m bringing a guide 27.07.09

    The idea of hiring a guide seemed ludicrous. Why did I want to spend extra money to follow a tour guide waving an umbrella or other silly-looking wand around, like a well-coifed shepherd herding his sheep? As I traveled more, however, I learned that while you don’t need a guide for everything, hiring one, even […]

  • Corbin earns his wings 24.06.09

    I’ve been meaning to write about our trip to Minnesota but with work and studying for the LEED Exam, I haven’t gotten around to it. In fact, I’ve been pretty off-line since before our trip, only checking emails and scanning my RSS feeds to keep it from piling up too much. The good news is, […]

  • Skywalk on National Geographic Channel 23.03.09

    Grand Canyon Skywalk Documentary To Premiere April 2, 2009 At 8 PM ET/PT On The National Geographic Channel. In-Depth Documentary to Feature Exclusive Interviews as well as Never Before Seen Footage of the Construction and Competed Structure Grand Canyon West, owned by the Hualapai Tribe, in partnership with National Geographic Channel announces the premiere of […]

  • Fresh Powder equals White Christmas 18.12.08

    As promised, here are a couple pictures from the High Desert (Apple Valley, CA) showing fresh snow on the ground. It should last until we get there on Thursday but I hear another big storm is rolling in around that time next week so we may see more fresh powder. Can’t wait to share with […]

  • Peach Springs, Arizona: A Nearly Forgotten Town Reconnecting To The World 06.08.08

    The Hualapai Lodge On Historic Route 66 Now Offers Free Wireless Internet To All Guests PEACH SPRINGS, AZ (August 6, 2008) Peach Springs is a small town located on a remote portion of Route 66 in Northwestern Arizona that is void of many modern conveniences, including cell phone reception. Yet, it has been an essential […]

  • ?Making Of? the Grand Canyon Skywalk 29.05.08

    The Skywalk At Grand Canyon West Partners With National Geographic Channel To Produce An Exclusive ?Making Of? Documentary Documentary To Include Never-Before-Seen Footage On The Creation of the Glass Walkway Built Nearly 4000 Feet Above The Canyon Floor GRAND CANYON WEST, AZ (May 29, 2008) Grand Canyon West, owned by the Hualapai Tribe, in partnership […]

  • How much does the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost? 29.05.08

    One of the most common questions I get is How much does the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost? the short answer has been $75 per person (originally) but that’s no longer correct. It’s currently $86.81 for one person (after taxes and fees) – parking is free. OK, so here’s the breakdown: The Hualapai Legacy Package costs […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk Celebrates One Year Anniversary 20.03.08

    To Commemorate The Public Opening, Skywalk Buy One Get One Free Vouchers Will Be Given To Those Who Book Reservations In Advance For March 28 1099 GRAND CANYON WEST, AZ (March 19, 2008) Last year on March 28, 2007 thousands of people lined up to be some of the first to experience the Grand Canyon […]

  • Of weddings and monsoons 03.08.07

    This past two weekends Julia and I had the pleasure of witnessing the marriage of some good friends. Unfortunately, the first one was in Tucson. Not that I have anything against Tucson (other than the heat, long drive and total lack of freeways) The wedding was like most weddings, average looking people suddenly looking great […]

  • 14 miles of hell – no more 13.07.07

    The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it comes the busy time of shopping and preparing for the arrival of friends and family. Car accident lawyers know from experience that more people on the roads means more chances of an accident. Unfortunately, this increase in traffic can also lead to more dangerous driving conditions. Luckily, by […]

  • Pictures of the Grand Canyon Skywalk 11.07.07

    There are a lot of visitors to my site that may not be aware of the fact that I went to the Grand Canyon Skywalk when it first opened back in March of 2007. While it has gotten some bad reviews, you can still see pictures I took before the camera ban was in place. […]

  • Road to Grand Canyon Skywalk Will Eventually be Paved 17.05.07

    Improvements to Diamond Bar Road in Progress Road to Grand Canyon West Will Eventually be Paved 1138 GRAND CANYON WEST, ARIZ. ? May 17, 2007 ? the 14 mile stretch of unpaved Mojave County road leading to Grand Canyon West has been approved by the county for widening and temporary improvements until the road is […]

  • Skywalk dirt road 29.04.07

    If you’ve read the reviews, you probably heard about the 14 mile dirt road leading to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Many have asked why they didn’t pave the road before opening the Skywalk to the public. Well, the short answer is…they couldn’t. The unpaved portion of road is actually county land and has to be […]

  • Seattle is Great 24.04.07

    I meant to write about this when it happened. In fact, I meant to blog about it as it happened unfortunately, I was having such a good time that I never got around to blogging about any of it. I didn?t even take notes. I did take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. In fact, […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk reviews 17.04.07

    Long time readers may be familiar with my coverage of the Grand Canyon Skywalk and have even expressed interest in going. And while I enjoyed my recent trip to the Skywalk, others have not. So in the spirit of fairness I give you some recent reviews by people who have gone to the Grand Canyon […]

  • Pictures from the Grand Canyon Skywalk 29.03.07

    Last Tuesday I attended the ceremonial “First Walk” for the Grand Canyon Skywalk and was able to take some pictures from the Glass Bridge. Now before I go on I must ask that you not “borrow” any of my pictures as they bring traffic to my site which in turn helps pay for the service. […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk – Video 24.03.07

    Here’s a video made of the Grand Canyon Skywalk near it’s completion.

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk – Open to the Public 23.03.07

    Grand Canyon Skywalk to Open to the Public on March 28 at 10 a.m. THIS WILL BE LAST DAY FOR MEDIA TO BRING CAMERAS ON THE SKYWALK AND LAST DAY FOR FREE MEDIA TOURS 930 WHO: General public, Skywalk ticket winners and eBay auction winners. WHAT: First chance for public to experience the Grand Canyon […]

  • I am Luke Skywalker 22.03.07

    It’s 7am and we’re rushing through the lobby of the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas trying to catch our bus. It isn’t a tedious task to find the best casinos in Vegas with the best offers, especially when we have reviewers to get vegas crest bonus codes in the city. The bus is […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk on Google Maps 21.03.07

    With the recent opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, I thought it would be good to locate the Grand Canyon Skywalk on Google Maps since there is no Skywalk address. The Skywalk is located here… View Larger Map Where is the Grand Canyon Skywalk? The white patch of ground is where the Skywalk is (not […]

  • The Skywalk was great! 21.03.07

    The Grand Canyon is indeed a very big hole in the ground. It is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and more than a mile (6,000 feet / 1,800 meters) deep. It is the result of constant erosion by the Colorado River over millions of years. One popular attraction is […]

  • Walk the Skywalk 12.03.07

    So the Grand Canyon Skywalk is scheduled to open March 28th, 2007 with a historic “First Walk” by Dr. Buzz Aldrin on March 20th, 2007. Now guess who else will be there, go on, guess…ok, don’t stain yourself. The answer is me (and PhotoJulia) I’m one of the few (hundred) media types to be invited […]

  • Kauai is for chickens 08.03.07

    Wild Chickens Roosters and hens and baby chicks are everywhere, running through parking lots, jungles and golf courses. The roosters are usually a beautiful red color, occasionally speckled with white spots. The hens are good mothers, constantly looking after their small chicks. The story about where they came from is that early Polynesians and Europeans […]

  • Flying is for the birds 08.03.07

    So we’re sitting in the airport waiting to board our plane and we’re having to dodge the flock of birds that live here. Several starlings have taken up residence here in the terminal. I don’t know how they got in or managed to get to the farthest end of the terminal but they seem quite […]

  • Dr. Buzz Aldrin to Lead Ceremony for Historic First Walk 09.02.07

    Apollo 11 Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin, known for making historic first steps on the moon, will lead the ?First Walk? on the Grand Canyon Skywalk on Tuesday, March 20. 901 During the private ceremony, Aldrin will make history again by taking the first steps onto the U-shaped glass walkway suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado […]

  • U-Shaped Steel Structure of The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West Prepared for Placement 10.01.07

    Structure Jacked Seven Feet in the Air Just 20 Feet from the Canyon?s Edge 873 The ?U? shaped steel structure, which will support the glass floor and side rails for The Skywalk, was lifted off the ground seven feet during the phase of the construction that prepares the walkway for placement. The construction team jacked […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk to open March 28, 2007 08.12.06

    Grand Canyon West Announces March 28, 2007 As The Official Public Opening Of The Skywalk Rollout And ?First Walk? Events Also Scheduled 818 LAS VEGAS ? December 8, 2007 ? Grand Canyon West, a destination owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe at the Grand Canyon?s western rim, announces March 28, 2007 as the official […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk Pictures 22.11.06

    Update: The Grand Canyon Skywalk is now open and I have included some pictures from the First Walk ceremony. I hope this isn’t too much of a teaser post but my friend Kathy just got back from a trip to the Grand Canyon and visited the site for the Grand Canyon Skywalk and took some […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk Wins Award 16.11.06

    The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West Wins Popular Science 2006 ?Best of What?s New? Award 86 LAS VEGAS ? November 15, 2006 ? The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West has been chosen to receive a 2006 ?Best of What?s New? award from Popular Science magazine in the Engineering category. ?The Hualapai Tribe, owner of Grand […]

  • Greetings from Seattle – belated 08.11.06

    Check out some of these great shots from Seattle. We arrived on Oct. 20th and returned home Oct. 30th. We saw lots of wonderful places like Snoqualmie Falls, Fremont Troll and the Pacific Science Center. We’ve been to Kirkland, Seattle, Poulsbo, and Mt. Saint Helens. I’ll give a more in-depth report when I have more […]

  • Glass Rails Arrive at Grand Canyon Skywalk 16.10.06

    The glass for The Skywalk?s side rails ? technically referred to as ?balustrades? ? arrived onsite Tuesday, October 10 at Grand Canyon West. The side rails will be 1.5 inches thick (38 millimeters) composed of two layers of glass with one layer of structural interlayer. The materials are placed, ready for installation, next to the […]

  • See the Dead Sea Scrolls 12.10.06

    Later this month we’re going to Seattle. While there, we hope to see lots of wonderful things including Mars Hill Church, Pike Street Market and Under Seattle. But we also hope to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Pacific Science Center. Regarded by many as one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the 20th […]

  • Going to Seattle 02.10.06

    My wife and I are going to Seattle at the end of the month (Oct. 20th -30th) and wanted to find out from all you Seattle types, what should we not miss while there? Of course we’re going to Mars Hill Church, but what other sites and attractions are a must see? Here are the […]

  • Steel Welding Process Underway for The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West 26.07.06

    “Update” grand canyon skywalk opening. The First-ever 4,000-Foot High Cantilever-Designed Glass Bridge in the Grand Canyon is Scheduled for Placement by September DATE: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 163 WHAT: The process of welding the steel beams for the glass cantilever-designed bridge, The Skywalk, is now underway. Shortly after the steel is fitted and welded together […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk 15.02.06

    Plan your trip to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk today. You will find resources for your Grand Canyon trip such as Grand Canyon lodging or you can take a guided Grand Canyon tour at See also: Steel Welding Process Underway for The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West I received this update from Renee Rietgraf […]

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