General Ranting

  • Talk about calling the wrong number 12.03.12

    So I have two Google Voice accounts. One for personal and one for “work” (aka job hunting) and that means the work number never gets any calls since I never gave it out to anybody. Yet despite that fact, I have received this morning – don’t worry, they go straight to voicemail so nobody woke […]

  • 77% isn’t bad – whatever that means 14.10.11

    Got this via my contact form (which BTW is almost always spam – always). I only have one question for this person which I’ll ask at the end… Team, I thought you might like to know some of the reasons why you are not getting enough Social Media and Organic search engine traffic for […]

  • I want my 4 dollars 30.06.11

    Now that my contract with Amazon Associates has been cancelled (resident of California) will Amazon payout any outstanding balance even if it doesn’t meet the minimum threshold? Update from Amazon Associates… Hi archshrk, I am sorry for the concern regarding if you will receive a payment for the final balance on your Associates account. Any […]

  • Fired by Amazon 29.06.11

    One of my monetizing efforts on my web sites (aka making money) included Amazon Referrals. Unfortunately, due to a potential California Law, Amazon is terminating our relationship. While this is very disappointing, I must admit that Amazon has not been the cash cow it once was for me – so I will survive. Others however, […]

  • Google Voice for tracking Spam 20.06.11

    Since I started using Google Voice, I’ve received several calls from so-called mortgage help services which are of course a scam since I no longer have a mortgage that needs help. Today I received a call from an unfamiliar number in a state far far away. 216-282-0010 called and left the following message… …Work with […]

  • Unsolicited: 406-852-8353 14.02.11

    I reported this unsolicited call to the National Do Not Call Registry but I wanted to share it with you in case you are getting these calls too. See (and hear) the recorded message below. Reference Number is 748-9632. As of January 3rd, 2011, the federal government has instructed. All lenders to assist distressed homeowners […]

  • Disconnect Friend Connect 03.02.11

    I’ve been an avid blogger for some time now and know my way around an RSS feed and such but I was stumped by Google’s Friend Connect when “blogs I follow” started showing up in my feed reader (twice). It turns out Google decided to show the “Blogs I Follow” from your blogger dashboard in […]

  • Food (or coffee) for thought 03.01.11

    What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church? A Parable. From the uploader’s own words… It’s amazing? to me just how far from the biblical model of “church” our culture is. “church” is for the SAINTS—-not for unbelievers. Most make “church” a place where evangelization is the primary goal. The “unsaved” cannot worship a God they […]

  • It’s been a problem for some time 28.06.10

    The spelling of English is one of its most difficult aspect. It?s hard to say how many writers of English, native speakers or not, have at one time or another used one of the pair its/it?s in place of the other. – Education Bug It’s is a contraction for it is or it has. Its […]

  • Good (supplemental) Health to You…you’ll need it 27.05.10

    Good nutrition is a critical part of health and development. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), better nutrition is related to improved health at all ages, a lower risk of diseases, and longevity. People can find it difficult or confusing to navigate the amount of nutrition information now available, and many sources have differing […]

  • Holidays I don’t celebrate 05.05.10

    I don’t celebrate Boxing Day, Bastille day or even Guy Fawkes Day so why should today be any different.

  • Why I dropped Google Buzz 12.02.10

    Google and I have a love/hate relationship. I love its spam stopping capabilities and threaded emails but then there was Tip Jar, Google China and Emoticons. Not to mention the hotly debated EOM. Now Google offers it’s latest service – Google Buzz. On the surface this sounds like a harmless tool that is intended to […]

  • Piss Off! 24.12.09

    I hate liars and I try not to use the word “hate” very often. After all, scriptures tells us “Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer” but the liars I’m thinking of are not my brothers (or sisters) but deceivers and are “of [their] father the devil”. So I guess it’s OK to hate […]

  • Blow the Bridge (and other home improvements) 01.12.09

    I’m not know as “Mr Fix-It” around my family but I can manage the rare project when the time calls for it. After all, I did install my own wood flooring (with some great help) and can safely replace light switches, outlets and ceiling fans as needed. I’ve even been known to replace a dishwasher […]

  • Elizabeth Lambert can kill you with her mind 10.11.09

    New Mexico women’s soccer defender Elizabeth Lambert has been suspended indefinitely after engaging in rough play — including hauling an opposing player to the ground by her pony tail — in the Lobos’ 1-0 loss to BYU in the Mountain West Conference semifinals. I’m not much for sports (people can get too competitive) but I […]

  • Happy Ho Ho Holloween 30.10.09

    Well, Sunday is the official start of the Christmas Season. Have you started your list yet? We have. I remember as a child how the time spent between Halloween and Christmas felt like an eternity. Heck, even Thanksgiving seemed a long way off. it’s easy to blame the retailers for putting up seasonal items far […]

  • Here Comes Science 31.07.09

    On the heels of the Grammy winning ?Here Come the 123s? They Might Be Giants have created a new album of songs related to science. The entire album has been fully animated on a second disc that comes with the specially priced set. Here Comes Science ( Exclusive) [CD/DVD] For me, this is great news. […]

  • I put the CAKE in pancake 21.07.09

    Julia doesn’t have a ‘job’. Rather, she takes care of Corbin and the house while I deal with “Improving the human condition through innovation, leadership, and design.” And Corbin likes to start his day around 7:00 am which means Julia does too. That is, Monday through Friday -weekends and holidays, he’s all mine. That’s not […]

  • Phaking Phone Number 08.07.09

    OK, that should read faking phone numbers but where’s the fun in that? Besides, if they can make up phone numbers, can’t I make up words. With the housing crisis going on, there are people out there who will use this opportunity to take advantage of the uncertainty and fear that envelopes us. For example, […]

  • I wonder why this went straight to video 24.05.09

    Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer from Asylum Home Entertainment The California coast is terrorized by two enormous prehistoric sea creatures as they battle each other for supremacy of the sea and only Deborah “Foolish Beat” Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas of Black Dawn fame (not to be confused with Red Dawn) can save us from […]

  • Adam Lambert – go home 07.05.09

    Got this email from our office manager… Tomorrow morning, Adam Lambert (a finalist on American Idol) will be at the radio station across the street at 8:00 AM. Lambert will arrive via police escort. The station is inviting people to come down and see him . . . for what it is worth. . . […]

  • Health plus Nuts equals Compact Impact 05.05.09

    Some people will do anything for their health. Others will sell you anything to improve it. While this may seem to be an ideal situation, the reality is far from it. The methods, claims and results of a large number of supplements is reminiscent of snake oil salesmen of the 1930’s. While it’s true that […]

  • Major Blunder 22.04.09

    ┬»Below is the ad for the 2009 Lincoln MKS which is done really nicely. The Berlin Cameron Team Detroit agency produced the spot for the Lincoln MKS. It is indeed Chan Marshall aka Cat Power singing the cover of the Bowie song. She recorded it in June and it’s not yet known if it will […]

  • Make $5,300.04 the hard way 09.04.09

    I’ve recently seen a slew of ads (mostly pop-up ads) that say you can make up to $5,000 a month submitting to Google. The ad links to a story about a guy who make $5000 per month just by submitting links to Google, his story sounds quite genuine with positive comments, thanks, payment proofs, pictures…but […]

  • no more Life On Mars 09.04.09

    So I just heard that Life On Mars – has been canceled. Too bad. Granted, it was getting a little weird in the end but it was still better than a lot of the shows out there. Sadly, most of the shows I’ve ever really liked seem to fall victim to this fate. Shows […]

  • Everybody’s Green on Earth Day 09.04.09

    Earth Day 2009 is April 22, and Amazon is launching Earth Day Savings at, where customers can save on organic groceries, home products, CFLs and more. Additionally, learn how to go Extreme Green, Ease Into Green, or be Eco-Chic. Amazon and ENERGY STAR will also host the Earth Day Sweepstakes. Five first-place winners will […]

  • California sales tax rises to almost 9 percent 02.04.09

    For those of you not in California… The Associated Press: California sales tax rises to almost 9 percent Californians will start feeling the pain of the recently negotiated state budget fix on Wednesday, when a 1-percent increase in the state sales tax will force consumers to pay more for goods such as cars, furniture, laptops […]

  • C?sar Ch?vez Day 31.03.09

    Today is C?sar Ch?vez was a Mexican American labor activist and leader of the United Farm Workers. During the 20th century he was a leading voice for migrant farm workers (people who move from place to place in order to find work). His tireless leadership focused national attention on these laborers’ terrible working conditions, which […]

  • Mob Rule or Sage Counsel? 05.03.09

    I admire Google’s efforts to gather information and share it with the world in an organized, relevant manner. That’s what makes them such a good search engine. They are always looking for ways to separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, they don’t always get it right. Official Google Blog: Tipping points Tip Jar (, […]

  • Know your aquatic creatures 02.03.09

    This is a shark Sharks have a variety of body shapes. Most sharks have streamlined, torpedo-shaped bodies that glide easily through the water. Some bottom-dwelling sharks (e.g. the angelshark) have flattened bodies that allow them to hide in the sand of the ocean bed. Some sharks have an elongated body shape (e.g., cookiecutter sharks and […]

  • My Facebook Friends 02.03.09

    Got this email at work…. Personal Message To You From your friends at facebook video server: Subject: ” Review – My family invite you out for lunch, don’t hesitate!” Read Description for a link to part 1 Original Video added by group member. You will see a link to Open Your Personal Message Manager. Selecting […]

  • Harboring a hateful grudge 25.02.09

    In a recent email exchange, a friend made reference to a hateful rant to which I made reference to a hateful grudge. But I wanted to link to the reference in case he didn’t get it – so off to Google I went. Only… Turns out that many (read most) sites quote the line incorrectly. […]

  • tipping the ‘ol hat 11.02.09

    Here are some things I thought you might enjoy (or hate) First, Darwin Must Die! according to The New York Times. Also, Animals are nihilists too. (sorry, NOT kid friendly) HT: Frank Turk Next, King Uzziah had woman problems (sort of) and Charles Spurgeon is short and stout (much like a teapot) Finally, Catholics can […]

  • NEW Email Virus Warning… 23.01.09


  • Bad Function 18.12.08

    I’m always trying to improve my site’s functionality and usability. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Today I realized it didn’t. I found this article on Smashing Magazine that offered 10 useful rss hacks for wordpress . One tip/hack I tried was supposed to delay the FEED by x-number of minutes. The idea is that […]

  • Text Link Ads AND InLink? 20.11.08

    Its more of an either or situation really. You either have TLA or you have InLink but you can’t have both. I received an email from TLA just moments ago that was announcing InLinks Hello, we are excited to announce our newest publisher offering inLinks allows you to sell simple text link ads within […]

  • G-whiz Gmail, finally with the themes 19.11.08

    Official Gmail Blog: Spice up your inbox with colors and themes Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your Gmail account. To choose a theme, click a thumbnail on the Themes tab of your Settings page. In some cases, you can also customize by location. Some themes change during the day, and […]

  • Gmail is too cute – no seriously 25.10.08

    At the risk of unleashing another firestorm of hate comments I have to say I’m not liking the emoticon feature of Gmail. Following the evolutionary path blazed by colored labels, we present, in all their technicolor glory, emoticons in your mail. – Official Gmail Blog: A picture is worth a thousand words Now let me […]

  • Google takes a stand – sort of 26.09.08

    Official Google Blog: Our position on California’s No on 8 campaign Google has come out with an official company position regarding Proposition 8, which is fine to do but – when they do, they should actually explain their position. When Proposition 8 appeared on the California ballot, it was an unlikely question for Google to […]

  • Some things to remember when engaged in apologetics debates 25.09.08

    When they quote scripture for their beliefs, it?s called ?scriptural support?. When you quote scripture for your beliefs, it?s called ?prooftexting?. When they provide bible verses that support their opinion, it?s called reading scripture ?in context?. When you provide bible verses that support your opinion, it?s called ?cherry picking verses?. When they make a distinction […]

  • Apparently Photoshop is now too easy to use 13.09.08

    This poster was featured in a post on the Photoshop Disasters website. It turns out that Dane Cook has a few issues with the movie poster for his upcoming movie, My Best Friend’s Girl. Now before you head on over there to read the whole story, take a minute to watch this trailer to get […]

  • Strawberry-flavored Banana? 21.08.08

    Biochemists Manipulate Fruit Flavor Enzymes Would you like a lemony watermelon? How about a strawberry-flavored banana? Biochemists at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston say the day may be coming when scientists will be able to fine tune enzymes responsible for flavors in fruits and vegetables. In addition, it could lead to environmentally-friendly […]

  • How NOT to search the web 29.07.08

    I was over at JMG-Galleries reading about a couple of software launches. one was for a photoshop product called Adobe Lightroom 2. Jim had some good and not so good opinions about that but what he really had a problem with was a new search engine called The Ugly is reserved for the new […]

  • In yo’ face, HATERZ! Vista is the RoXoRz 25.07.08

    Microsoft has been beta testing a new Operating System (OS) to select Vista critics in San Francisco recently. While the users have some very distinct complaints about Vista 90% were pleasantly surprised by Microsoft’s new OS codenamed “Mojave” as in the desert where they have lots of mirages (aka where I grew up) the new […]

  • Cell phones – New Law (2008) 09.06.08

    As previously reported, California is enacting a new hands-free cell phone law that takes effect July 1st, 2008. Below is an interesting email a friend sent me that might help everyone transition to the new law. According to new law that goes into effect July 1, 2008 you will no longer be able to use […]

  • How much does the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost? 29.05.08

    One of the most common questions I get is How much does the Grand Canyon Skywalk cost? the short answer has been $75 per person (originally) but that’s no longer correct. It’s currently $86.81 for one person (after taxes and fees) – parking is free. OK, so here’s the breakdown: The Hualapai Legacy Package costs […]

  • The SPAM Marketplace 24.04.08

    Much like stocks in the real world, my spam comments fluctuate in value. Recently I noticed a trend where the offers changed depending on the day and time – despite coming from the same address. 73% off for archshrk – Apr 23, 2008 9:30 AM 90% off for archshrk – Apr 23, 2008 2:35 PM […]

  • From Sex To Religion… 16.04.08

    I’m suing for harassment. I never thought it would come to this but the offense was just too great to overlook. You see, while at work, I passed by an empty desk and happened to notice something that just wasn’t right. It was training video with a very inappropriate title. I was traumatized. You see, […]

  • Chemical In Baby Bottles Cited As Health Risk 15.04.08

    According to FOX Business, A chemical used in consumer products ranging from baby bottles to food-can linings to compact discs is widely found in humans and may affect childhood development and reproduction, according to a new draft report from the government. Z Recommends reports that in recent months Evenflo has begun manufacturing a series of […]

  • ‘Open’ Christianity kills me 22.03.08

    So I saw this (finally) on my good friend Sam’s site, Gospel Prisim and just had to share this. So many of the popular shows (even one’s I like) tend to have or promote very anti-Christian values. I once watched an episode of Cold Case that centered on a man who murdered some pro-choice activists […]

  • List of scandals with “-gate” suffix 21.02.08

    “Since the Watergate scandal, the media has on occasion [*cough*] referred to social or political scandals by adding the suffix “-gate” to one of the key words used to describe the scandal. This new label has sometimes stuck but often a new name is used. The process is known as -gate construction.” Has everyone in […]

  • I’m gonna propose you a proposition! 30.01.08

    Anyone who blogs usually has visions of making money from blogging. And why not. We here all sorts of stories where someone started making millions from blogging about the most mundane things. But for most of us, the opulent lifestyle is far from our reach. I count myself lucky that my own earnings are sufficient […]

  • Mormons are Christians? 12.01.08

    Joel Osteen Declares Romney?s Jesus is Our Jesus? Chris Wallace interviewed Pastor Joel Osteen on the Fox Television Network?s ?Fox News Sunday? program December 23, 2007. Osteen pastors what is touted as the largest church in the United States (Lakewood Church of Houston, Texas). Here’s an interesting segment of the interview. Wallace: ?Is a Mormon […]

  • Black Tie Optional 21.11.07

    Every year my company hosts a Christmas Holiday Party and typically, each year it gets a little better than the previous year. This year looks to be following that tradition. Unfortunately, I may not be good enough to attend. Stupid standards. You see, the problem is that the invitation reads – ATTIRE: Formal/Black Tie Optional […]

  • US Postal Service Issues Recall 19.11.07

    I found this story over at Sirdar’s site the other day and thought it was worth sharing. Also, I posted this so late last night that I forgot to explain where it came from. I mean, I may be a thief, but I’m an honest thief. Something I also noticed was that when Daylight Saving […]

  • A new kind of spam 13.10.07

    I’ve been getting hit with a new kind of spam lately. the trackback spam. And it moves pretty fast. The post I just published…already hit. Basically, a dumbing blog is created that post countless articles that basically read [random name] wrote an interesting post today on Here?s a quick excerpt and then is followed by […]

  • 619-269-0041 11.10.07

    Update: I finally called the number back to see what I could learn. Turns out the that when i call I get a message that states “Cox Communication San Diego Federal” and then goes on to say something like my number, the number I called, and then just rings for some time. So I called […]

  • Nesting 10.10.07

    1463 My first car was a 1978 Plymouth Volare – two tone blue. Imagine a mini Nova. Two doors with the pimp car frame-less windows and it rode close to the ground and I could replace the tires for as little as $25 but go splurge on the $55 tires that lasted much longer. Things […]

  • shark infested beaches 24.09.07

    Saw an ad online for a certain search engine that was titled “top 10 shark infested beaches” which got me to thinking… Beaches don’t typically have problems with sharks – it’s the waters that are infested. Then again… References to “land sharks” appear in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century sailing chanties, referring to merchants who cheated sailors. […]

  • Student tasered for being a menace to society 18.09.07

    As you can see from the above video, the student in question was beginning to harass Sen. Kerry. For whatever reason, the campus police decided to remove the student (heckler?) from the venue. Now we can debate the validity of this decision but at the moment the student began resisting, he became a threat. The […]

  • New Contact Page – Now with more spam 17.09.07

    So I realized recently that my old contact page wasn’t working. And by working, I mean the form didn’t show up anymore. So I quickly did a search for an update but the original author is no more. Not deterred, I turned to the ever-present Google to find a new contact form plugin. I found […]

  • Domain for Sale 07.09.07

    I’m always on the lookout for a good deal. Luckily, one of my regular readers, archway, told me about a killer deal in a recent comment… I saw this domain for sale, according to the appraisals, its worth over $5000.00 usd. It has just the perfect amount of keywords?. Turns out the site they were […]

  • Miss Teen contestant meltsdown 29.08.07

    Miss Teen USA contestant, Lauren Caitlin Upton (17), was asked why one-fifth of Americans couldn’t find USA on a map. What followed was a bumbling answer that would make George Bush proud. Think Miss Congeniality and “Describe your perfect date” (see answer below*) Now before we get into the details, keep in mind that this […]

  • What Problem 29.08.07

    I’ve been experiencing a problem with WordPress lately. It seems that any post on that starts with the letter ‘W’ in the post slug returns a blank page when in single view. I’ve try different themes, deactivated plugins and optimized my database but no change. And when I say blank, I mean blank. Looking […]

  • evil archshrk 21.08.07

    I think this number is a little low. So often in life we look for hope and inspiration in the stories from scripture. We look at our own lives and try to find understanding by identifying with those people who loved God and found redemption and meaning in Him. Unfortunately, we most often identify with […]

  • Not so randumb 02.08.07

    1467 Not too long ago, I added a feature to my site that linked to a random post on my site. Unlike the list of randomly selected post to the left (check them out) this link was truly random. If you clicked on the Suprise me! link, you would find yourself reading a completely random […]

  • Is Harry Potter evil? 30.07.07

    2763 You’ve probably already the latest Harry Potter book by now. If you haven’t, then you aren’t likely to read it any time soon. Don’t worry, I’ll not spoil it for you – I never read any of the Harry Potter books. And I’m OK with that. I was reading a short post over at […]

  • I’ve shut the door on China 10.07.07

    I didn’t want to do it but let’s be honest…nothing good comes out of China these days. Actually, that’s not being very fair. The problem is that I’m getting a lot of spam comments and the URL for the commenter(s) is always (the domain for China). It wouldn’t bother me if it was getting […]

  • Personalized Spam 05.07.07

    Found this in my spam bucket… Hay!!! best link for you hello you have an indeed class resource of give please reference to the similar resources spam all right I went away to meeting [cluster of typical spam links] senks!!! Nice to know that they’re spamming me personally. Apparently, I’m not alone…

  • Hot Christians 22.06.07

    I’m in the middle of moving my site from one host to another and what do I find in my comments but the best spam EVER! Hello, my name is Anna! As you can probably tell, I?m a Christian woman who loves Jesus Christ and cares for all humans, even the wicked. What you probably […]

  • spammers are adapting 19.06.07

    The following message was caught by my amazing comment spam filter (akismet) and I was all ready to mark it not spam (or at least follow the author’s link) but then I was suspicious… This is the second time I?ve gotten a message, supposedly from this site, stating ?you have a private message?. There is […]

  • 11:11 Prophesies 18.06.07

    Recently, a friend of mine was asking about the 11:11 Prophesies. I heard about this before but had trouble finding info on the subject so I asked a good friend about it and he replied: 11:11 seems to be a “heightened spirituality” token of a trans-substantial interdigitating heterologous harbinger, indicium towards a unitarian augury of […]

  • 50 signs you?re a blogaholic 15.06.07

    My wife thinks I blog too much. Actually, she thinks I love the computer more than I love her (not true honey). So when I read Jonathan Deamer’s 50 signs you’re a blogaholic I knew I had a problem. I didn’t want to steal his content outright so here are some of my favorites or ones that are especially true for me.

  • Do Not Call Registry and VOIP 15.06.07

    I received a call from (859) 212-1501 this afternoon and it turns out to be a prerecorded message in Spanish. A quick internet search reveals that it appears to be a telemarketer using VOIP which can ‘fake’ the caller ID. Is there anything that can be done about this? Is there anything already being done? […]

  • What would Jesus eat 13.06.07

    A couple of weeks ago, a small handful of us went to lunch after church (as is our want) and had a good time fellowshipping and enjoying the out-of-doors. Nothing fancy here, just a quick walk drive over to the nearby Rubio’s (one of the benefits of having church in a movie theater). Now you […]

  • Whois 24.05.07

    I track visitor traffic on my website pretty religiously. Compulsory is more like it. A regular addiction it is. But that’s not the point. The point is, who are these people and what do they want. For example… Who is this site? Someone came to my site via this site and a quick Google […]

  • Walk2Web spam 23.05.07

    Update: The url now redirects you to some rusian language site which pretty much means it’s spam (or worse) I found this new site that shows sites and the relationships they have to other sites. Not really sure how it all works (or why) but it looks really cool. So go on over to Walk2Web […]

  • The Japanese have too much free time 03.05.07

    1394 Based on these finds (and others we’ve all seen before) it is clear that the Japanese have far too much free time on their hands. From sterile looking masks to banana bunkers, Compact Impact is adding to the clutter that is our collective junk drawer. The very sterile looking white gauze mask inspired us […]

  • Skywalk dirt road 29.04.07

    If you’ve read the reviews, you probably heard about the 14 mile dirt road leading to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Many have asked why they didn’t pave the road before opening the Skywalk to the public. Well, the short answer is…they couldn’t. The unpaved portion of road is actually county land and has to be […]

  • New car sales pitch 25.04.07

    Borrowed this one from Tommy ( I thought I?d go over some of the phrases car sales people like to use, and what they really mean. Runs like new?Never ran in the first place Looks like new?A car can only be this ugly on purpose Only driven on Sunday?It was a race car Low mileage?a […]

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk reviews 17.04.07

    Long time readers may be familiar with my coverage of the Grand Canyon Skywalk and have even expressed interest in going. And while I enjoyed my recent trip to the Skywalk, others have not. So in the spirit of fairness I give you some recent reviews by people who have gone to the Grand Canyon […]

  • Don Imus is not a racist – you are! 13.04.07

    Don Imus is not a racist – you are! Now before you get all rilled up, let me explain. Don Imus probably is a racist but his infamous comments (below) really aren’t. If you say that they are, then you’re a racist. You see, Don Imus never said anything specific about the Rutgers Players in […]

  • 10 flagrant grammar mistakes 09.04.07

    If you want to craft an error-free message that reflects your professionalism, be on the lookout for these common grammatical slip-ups These days, we tend to communicate via the keyboard as much as we do verbally. Often, we’re in a hurry, quickly dashing off emails with typos, grammatical shortcuts (I’m being kind here), and that […]

  • Sanjaya Anthem 09.04.07

    This is for all you American Idol fans, especially those who really hate Sanjaya. Thanks Kristi for sharing this with me. Now with lyrics to Sanjaya Anthem: Sanjaya, Sanjaya Gon’ set this place on fiya Sanjaya, Sanjaya Gon’ set this place on fiya Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Sanjaya Sanjaya, your the one I admire […]

  • McDonalds hates you 05.04.07

    1990 McDonald’s has a new product they’re test-marketing here in California and they have a great ad-campaign for it – “we hate you, now buy our product” It’s not that obvious of course but the idea is the same. Basically, three guys from Boston are eager to get their hands on McDonald’s new 1/3 pound […]

  • For Sale: one soul – slightly used 04.04.07

    Before I begin, I have to tell you…6 – 8 weeks is a long time. OK, so last Friday I’m at Dell Taco, no wait – I’m at Fantastic Sam’s. Scratch that, I’m at the Dealer’s. Actually, I’m taking my 5th ARE exam and that means I only have four more to go. Woohoo! The […]

  • MadTV – iRack 02.04.07

    I’m not sure who their making fun of first but “a good time was had by all.”

  • Problems loading the site? 18.03.07

    I’ve been experiencing some problems with this site the past couple of days. If you find that loading pages is very slow or does not load at all, please follow these instructions and email the results. If you don’t already have my email, then use the contact page. Your help is greatly appreciated. If you […]

  • Styx Trinket 12.03.07

    I don’t know what it is but I want it. I think the spammers are not so random after all. They are clearly targeting me as a consumer with an unhealthy obsession for all things STYX related. They know that I could not resist an email with a subject line about a styx trinket. With […]

  • I don’t want their love 31.01.07

    Max Barnes writes to tell me “She will love you more than any other guy” But I don’t want any other guy to love me. Over a several millions men have been helped with the potent ingredients in Pen-is [mightier than the sword] Growth Patch – men have experienced bigger size, deeper penetration more action, […]

  • Butt I didn’t do it 17.01.07

    Another gem from the Inbox. Dear Tenants, We were made aware today that cigarette butts are being deposited in the building’s out-going mailbox. This is a Federal offense not to mention a huge fire hazard. Please assist us in advising all employees and visitors that smoking is allowed in designated areas on campus, which is […]

  • ELF X X X GALLERY 13.01.07

    ELF X X X GALLERY? Now that’s a new one. I get lots of hits from visitors looking for Grand Canyon Skywalk, Haunted Car Commercial or from the WPG2 forums but never anyone looking for ELF X X X GALLERY. I think they were a little disappointed when the were led here but who knows, […]

  • Gift Bag vs Wrapping Paper 21.12.06

    The issue of Gift Bas vs. Wrapping paper came up over at Michele’s today (and over lunch at work). According to the BBC: For most of us, it’s a Christmas afterthought. But to a growing number the wrapping of a Christmas present is every bit as important as the gift inside, and messy wrapping is […]

  • 20 ways to make yourself the least popular person in the room 06.12.06

    ‘Tis the season for love, cheer and goodwill toward men. So they say. The reality is that expectations are unattainably high — for mood, for behavior, for warm, fuzzy family togetherness, for the joy and wonder we’re supposed to feel and spread all around. For most folks, that’s more than a tall order — it’s […]

  • Dear Rubio’s 02.12.06

    I filled out one of those online surveys for Rubio’s today and thought I’d share what I wrote. One issue I have with Rubio’s (and this is true of all the Rubio’s I visit) is the problem with using customer names. While the idea is not an issue (I can remember my name better than […]

  • Two for Turkey 16.11.06

    Good news folks, we’re haveing two more people over for Thanksgiving. My good friends have agreed to come join us for dinner this year and boy am I looking foraward to it. Here’s an exerpt from the email below. I think you’ll agree they too, are overcome with excitement. They can hardly contain themselves as […]

  • Our Store is Your Cureal 04.10.06

    If your like me (and who isn’t) you’ve probably gotten your share of spam email. Typically these offer better performance, replica watches or cheap software. There is the occasional Spamlib but one of the most perplexing spam emails is the one titled “Our store is your cureal”. Now you know better than to open the […]

  • archscoundrel 29.09.06

    One of the latest spam trends I’ve noticed is how the spam sender’s email looks strangely familiar. Can you see why? archscoundrel archspirit archtaxpat archseducer archsteward archtraitor archstantonmusic At least these spammer’s don’t use Spamlibs to generate their messages.

  • I finally did it 28.09.06

    After much build up and soul searching, I finally broke down and did it. I finally used the name of all names at Rubio’s. Several months ago (seems like years) I learned that Rubio’s can’t spell my name right…

  • Architects Associates 29.08.06

    There are certain truths within my chosen field of architecture that every client, employee and courier learns. One of which is that big fancy firms are full of themselves. The other is that they (the BFF’s), universities, and design magazines don’t see this. Welcome to Architects Associates. If you are looking for the premiere architectural […]

  • In the Beginning 24.08.06

    In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. Shortly thereafter God was in receipt of a notice to show cause why he shouldn’t be cited for failure to file an environmental impact statement. He was granted a temporary planning permit for the project, but was stymied by a Cease and Desist Order for the earthly […]

  • Spam Libs 14.08.06

    Today, I realized how spammers write those weird emails… Spam Libs. Like the classic Mad Libs but for spammers. Mad Libs consist of a book that has a short story on each page, but with many of the key words are replaced with blanks using different parts of speech such as a noun, verb, adjective, […]

  • Twentyy Three 29.07.06

    Another Rubio’s post (like I have anything else to talk about) In a related post I had said “A while back I discovered that the impersonal nature of being called by number wasn?t so bad, especially when dealing with Rubio?s Fresh Mexican Grill and their creative spelling techniques.” to which tommy replied “Next time just […]

  • Frustrations 18.07.06

    While dealing with some frustrations at work, my lovely wife (PhotoJulia) sent me an email to help me refocus my attention on God and I thought I should share what she sent. Here are some scriptures for you. I love you and I pray that God will take away those frustrations that are harboring in […]

  • Pirates Disappoints 09.07.06

    I don’t have a lot of time right now but wanted to let you know that I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest yesterday and I left feeling unsatisfied. Basically, there were so many sub-plots that there was no real main plot. The movie was all over the map (metaphorically speaking). My advice… […]

  • Klyad, your order is ready 28.06.06

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to Rubio’s and even longer since I’ve given them a faux name but this one really takes the cake.

  • Craig’s List Assault 19.06.06

    As you may have noticed in an earlier post, we are selling some furniture on Craig’s List. Included in that onslaught of listings was a 5-peice bedroom set. It is real pine furniture – not particle board or other such nonsense – but real wood. Below is a transcript of the email conversation my wife […]

  • Secrets of the Da Vinci Code – Revealed 17.05.06

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    Secrets of the Da Vinci Code – Revealed The movie’s BORING! Journalists gave the eagerly awaited film “The Da Vinci Code” a cool reception at its first press screening on Tuesday, a day ahead of the world premiere of the adaptation of Dan Brown’s controversial novel. The release of the big-budget Hollywood thriller has already […]

  • Dizzy-Land 12.05.06

    If I wanted to be dizzy, I’d go back to Disneyland. Work is was driving me crazy. About a year ago I was put in charge of two projects. A big step for me in my career. Up until then, I had only been working on someone else’s projects. But now – now I was […]

  • I Wish I Had More Time 20.04.06

    I wish I had more time to blog. I have lots of things I’d like to talk about but not the the time to prepare the posts. I could just ramble on about things like imigration reform, changing the look of my website or the value of a well placed burrito.

  • Headteacher bans hot cross buns 07.02.06

    A school in Suffolk has banned hot cross buns – in case they offend pupils from religious minorities. Head teacher Tina Jackson asked for the crosses to be removed from all buns supplied by caterers in case it upset some of her pupils who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Parents have accused her of “political correctness gone […]

  • Wiarton Willie suspected in double murder 02.02.06

    WIARTON, ONT. – An official in small-town Ontario is being accused of covering up a murder, but she says she was protecting the town from bad publicity. Francesca Dobbyn told Wiarton town council on Monday that she knew Wiarton Willie might have killed his two understudies, but hid the facts so the town’s summer tourist […]

  • Hello, my name is… 28.12.05

    If you’re a long time reader of mine (and who isn’t) then you may remember my whole issue with Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill. If not, catch up here. Basic recap, they call you by name when your order is ready. Problem is, they screw up my very simple name almost every time. So I started […]

  • Wrap it Up! 08.12.05

    I was recently reminded of how life changes. Someone put it this way… I’m pretty certain that when I was a kid, most people actually wrapped their gifts. You know, in boxes, and with wrapping paper and too much clear-tape? As I got older, and the gift bags became popular, I started receiving fewer and […]

  • Crush and Store 02.12.05

    It finally came, my very own Crush and Store. Well, it’s not realy mine – the office paid for it, but it’s for my use. 39 OK, so here’s the deal. My office recycles but someone has to take the aluminum cans to be recycled – that’s where I come in. The problem is that […]

  • What Privacy 25.10.05

    This is very upsetting; you might want to pass it along. Now you can see anyone’s Driver’s License on the Internet, including your own! I just searched for mine and there it was…picture and all! Thank you Homeland Security, where is our right to privacy? You can remove yours from the list, I suggest you […]

  • FTC: National Do Not Call Registry Accepts Both Cell Phone and Home Phone Numbers 15.12.04

    “The Federal Trade Commission reminds consumers that the National Do Not Call Registry has accepted personal cell phone and home phone number registrations since it opened for consumer registrations in June 2003. There is no deadline to register a home or cell phone number on the Registry. To register a telephone number on the National […]

  • Do Not Call – HOAX 14.12.04

    An email urging wireless customers to sign up their cell phones for a national “Do Not Call” list is currently circulating the Internet. The email urges customers to sign up before they begin receiving calls from telemarketers once a national directory of cell phone numbers is put in place

  • Name Butcherers 15.11.04

    So the last few times I went to Rubio’s I just used my real name without any trouble. Today, I used Clyde which I was certain to see misspelled but Clide would be within reason. Clint on the other hand…what the heck is that all about? That’s not even close. Clint! Come on, now they […]

  • Rubio’s 18.09.04

    So I eat at Rubio’s a lot these days. That’s not such a big deal (unless you’re watching what you eat) Now Rubio’s is a fine restaurant. I like their food well enough and it’s not as ‘junky’ as some other places. I like their fish tacos and also the Burrito Especial (the combo comes […]

  • DREADNOUGHT 11.09.04

    “I am perturbed. On the one hand I am disappointed with Bush. I am angry that his handling of post-war Iraq has been so terrible…On the other, he is doing well in terms of my conservative values. On the family, faith-based initiatives and God generally, Bush is awesome.” From Dreadnought Manifest I found this blog […]

  • Rose Is Rose 09.09.04

    roseisrose.gifI usually enjoy this comic because its cute and harmless. This type of joke would usually only anger me because of the sexist attitude but now it just makes me sad. Eph 5:22-33Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also […]

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