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Hey everyone, you may or may not know that Kaleo’s own musicians (Brian, Chris, and Dustin) also play in the band “Call Down Fire“. They’re starting to book shows for this Spring and their very first gig is Thursday night January 26th at Humphrey’s Backstage which is down by Shelter Island – Point Loma area. I think they’re the 3rd act to go on around 9pm-ish. Cost is $5.00. They would love to have your support. This is a great opportunity to invite unbelieving friends and family as they often will not come to church or a BBQ, but they will come see a rock band and it provides an opportunity for them to mingle with your Christian friends and family. Hope to see you there!

Call Down Fire captivates diverse audiences with well-crafted, lushly orchestrated tales of heartbreak and hope that are a kaleidoscope of experimental pop, rock, folk, classical, and electronica. Hailing from San Diego, the quintet is comprised of veteran musicians from the bands Story of Blue and Bezalel with Brian Thomas on vocals and guitar, Chris Livdahl on guitars and violin, Dustin Wood on percussion, and the husband and wife team of Tony and Britney Sandoval on bass and keyboards, respectively. Belonging to that special cadre of bands that can capture the attention of conversationalists in the back of the bar, Call Down Fire?s live show engages and surprises it?s audiences, taking them on an emotional ride from song to song. Call Down Fire has a rapidly growing fanbase that have started creating a local buzz, demanding an album. Not being the type of people to disappoint, the band is hard at work writing and recording new material for a future release, while booking winter shows in Southern California. Visit the bands website or for the latest information, mp3s, high res photos, and upcoming shows.

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