Butt I didn’t do it

Another gem from the Inbox.

Dear Tenants,

We were made aware today that cigarette butts are being deposited in the building’s out-going mailbox. This is a Federal offense not to mention a huge fire hazard. Please assist us in advising all employees and visitors that smoking is allowed in designated areas on campus, which is where an ash urn is present. Cigarette butts can be placed in the ash urns or trash receptacles placed throughout the Office campus.

As a reminder, pursuant to California Labor Code Section 6404.5(b) Assembly Bill 846 as of January 1, 2004 no smoking is permitted within 20′ of entrances, exits and operational windows of public buildings.

Thank you for assistance.

The Management Team

This perplexes me on so many levels. First, given where the mail slots are located, you have to be very deliberate to put cigarette butts in the mail slot. It’s not like some would just happen to be there smoking (inside) and sudenly need to dispose of the spent butt. So the next question is why? If it’s not an act of opportunity- it must be malicious. Who hates the mailman that much?

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