Each week I make a Costco run for this ministry. I buy the supplies needed on a weekly basis because some items (tortillas and cheese) need to be fresh plus we don’t have the storage room to stock up on other items. But incase you’re wondering what it costs to make 48 burritos for the homeless every week…

1 can of beans – $4
1 bag of cheese (2.5lbs) – $5.49
1/3 box of rice – $1.34
1 jar of salsa – $4
(2) 12 pack of socks (walmart) – $13
2 cases water – $5.75
2 packages of tortillas – $4
Feeding the homeless – priceless

One thought on “Budget

  1. Good point! Serving is priceless. Our treasures are in heaven, not on Earth. Serving our community is something money can’t buy.

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