Brother, can you spare a card reader?

With the widespread use of digital cameras, the need to download those priceless memories is becoming an everyday thing. Most cameras come with a USB cable so you can download from the camera to your computer. But for many of us, that means remembering where you put that damn cable and inserting it into that tiny little slot on the camera (carefully hidden behind an impenetrable rubber seal). But as for me and mine…we shall use a card reader.

Problem is, unless they are built-in, they can go missing too. Like the one from this email we recently received at my office.

OK, this is really getting frustrating.
The media reader is missing from the common workstation once more.

Please, please, please do not remove the media reader from the common machine. If you need to *borrow* a media reader, please come up and see us in the IT Office. We have spares we can check out to you.

When you do this, you take away the ability for others to download their pictures from their media cards. If you want your own, go buy one. They are VERY inexpensive, and you can get any kind you want right over at Fry’s.

By the way, we have already had one taken. If this one *permanently disappears*, we are not going to put another one down there. We cannot afford to continually replace. Therefore, thanks to *some people*, everyone, will be forced to come up to the IT office to get their pictures downloaded.

And he’s right, they are very inexpensive. Typically around $10-15 (or less) and can read about 4-9 different card types.

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