Breaching Sharks Rule!

Among the most spectacular of White Shark behaviors observed at Seal Island is the breach, in which a several hundred- to several thousand-kilogram animal explodes from the sea in an awesome display of power and acrobatic prowess.

So this is how I understand this phenomina. The “beach” at Seal Island is very shallow for some distance into the water then suddenly drops off to deep water. So the seals, which play in the shallows, get too close to the drop off and that’s where the sharks strike. The breaching technique is part of the Great White’s hunting method. Since there is a sudden change from deep water to shallow, the sharks can’t make the typical attack. So they attack from below with such force that they jump right out of the water and the seals have no idea what hit them. Awesome!

Only thing more impressive may be the sharks in Austraila (I think) that herded the fish into a cove and took turns feeding. I need to find that footage for you next. very impressive.

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