Bloons Tower Defense 2

I have to confess – I have an addiction (one of many)

I have suddenly found myself wasting many precious moments playing a new game online. But this is no ordinary game. It has monkeys and balloons – but no clowns. The object is to pop balloons that are traveling through a maze like path before they reach the other end. Bloons Tower Defense 3 has all the fun of a strategy game and all the action of, well, an action game. You purchase various tower types to defend against the onslaught of colorful balloons. Each tower offers different defenses and certain combinations (plus upgrades) will give you the best chance of eliminating the threat of balloon infestation.

Whether you want dart throwing monkeys, freeze towers or bomb canons, you’ll find hours of fun in this little game. Bloons Tower Defense 3. Watch the video below to see how one person beat the hardest level.

3 thoughts on “Bloons Tower Defense 2

  1. Now Luke, stop sending telepathic messages telling me to play this game. Fortunately, I was able to stop playing the game and snap out of whatever hypnotic trance you put me in to control my brain.

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