Blogger and Trackbacks

Blogger does not currently support Trackback. If you’re interested in this feature, though, you might want to check out backlinks.

However, HALOSCAN does, so if you use blogger and want to see who’s linking back to your articles, install Haloscan for comments. or better yet, switch to WordPress.

I wrote a little introduction to trackbacks early on but not many people use them. But if you find yourself Plugged on then you’ll wish you had trackbacks. Basicly, a trackback is a way of letting one site know you posted a related article on your site without having to manually leave a comment.

Trackback is a system […] that alerts and allows a blogger to see who has blogged about posts on his or her blog. The system works by sending a ‘ping’ between the blogs, and therefore providing the alert.

How Does it Work?
Next to each post on your weblog, there will be a trackback link. Clicking on the link will allow your readers to see a list of sites that relate to your post.

Visitors to your site can ‘ping’ your trackback link to let you know that they have written an entry in their weblog about your post. You can also ping your own trackback URL if you find an article, weblog post, or a site that relates to your post. Thus, trackback allows you to maintain a list of “related links” with minimal effort.