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October 13, 2007

Birth plan


Birth plan example found in the Johnson?s – Mother & Baby book.

I am looking forward to the birth of my first child, and I have written down a few ideas on how I hope my labor will progress.

1. Support person ? My partner, ____, will be with me throughout the birth.
2. Monitoring ? I understand that you routinely do a 20 minute electronic fetal monitoring session,

which is fine. If all is well, I would like the baby to be monitored from the on with intermittent monitoring.

3. Positions ? I don?t think I will want to be restricted to the bed, and would welcome the use of other active birth aids.
4. Pain relief ? If necessary, I may request pain medication. I hope not to need demoral or an epidural, although in

the event of a cesarean section, I would like to have epidural anesthesia so I can be awake for the birth.

5. Amniotomy ? I would prefer not to have my membranes ruptured artificially.
6. Episiotomy ? I would prefer to tear natural than be cut

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