Bing me up Scotty

So you probably heard about the new search engine from Microsoft, Bing but I wonder how many of you have actually tried it.


Bing (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search) is a web search engine (advertised as a “decision engine”), Microsoft’s current incarnation of its search technology. Unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009 at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego, Bing is a replacement for Live Search. It went fully online on June 3, 2009, with a preview version released on June 1, 2009. In its first few weeks Bing was successful in gaining some market share.

Notable changes include the listing of search suggestions in real time as queries are entered, and a list of related searches (called “Explorer pane” on the left side of search results), based on semantic technology from PowerSet which Microsoft purchased in 2008. Bing also includes the ability to Save & Share search histories via Windows Live SkyDrive, Facebook, and email. – Wikipedia

Overall, it doesn’t seem all that different from Google but I think you owe it to yourself to give it a decent try. Now I realize some of you hate Microsoft so much that you can’t even utter it’s name lest it enter your soul and consume you…but you should try it so that you can say, from experience, why you don’t like this specific product. Plus, you may find you like it better and will be all the more happy for it.

For me, it comes down to two things, user friendliness and results. If the results are not what I’m looking for, well then its out. But if the results are good and the user interface is akward, I’ll keep looking. Once I find one with good results and a good interface, I’ll pretty much use it exclusively. Other search engines you may never have heard of but might enjoy using include, SeachMe and LeapFish.

What search engines do you use and why?

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3 thoughts on “Bing me up Scotty

  1. Overall, it doesn’t seem all that different from Google

    That’s my impression. Near identical results. The “RELATED SEARCHES” is pretty similar to Google’s “Wonder Wheel” (under the that are usually hidden)

    The biggest difference is the Image Search – or rather, how it displays. Bing does a ‘forever scrolling’ page that loads as you move up and down. It loads a bit more than you can see, but not that much. Which means it amounts to about the same thing.

    I’ve played with it a bit. To show usable information (like size in pixels) you’re limited to one size thumbnail on Bing. Their filters also consider 250×500 as a “Large” image. Uh… no.

  2. I recommend you take a look at

    Exalead’s web search is emerging but already fairly good, and their desktop search tool is good already. They don’t beat Google with search results, but they are the best at present, in my opinion, with regards to narrowing down the search results.
    They present statistics, cloud tags and similar tools in the right column of the search results page, and you can narrow down the results with a few clicks there. A pretty neat idea IMO.

  3. Bing search engine gives almost the same search results as Google. Looks like Google will now have a tough competition when it comes to search engine technology.

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