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September 12, 2006

Big Fish in the Cyber Ocean

I spend way too much time doing quizes. I’m really trying to cut back but some are just more interesting than others. Take this ranking quiz. You enter your site’s address and it ranks you based on backlinks to your site. The more links, the bigger the fish. Now since I’m partial to sharks, it’s no wonder that I like this one but I’d really like to see one that was shark exclusive. That is, all the ranks are based on sharks like they do over at sharkyextreme forums. Maybe I should make one of my own.

If I made one, would you use it? What ranks of sharks should I use and why? How the heck do you make one of these things anyway? If you have any suggestions on other ranking systems you’d like to see, let me know. Once I figure one out, it would be easy enough to make others.

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  • At 11:11 am on September 12, 2006, Radioactive Jam commented:

    Recommend you just “make it up” as you go. Toss out plausible numbers for apparently meaningful and relevant categories or aspects, then present some kind of random result.

    I’ve seen this done, and getting results is just as much fun. Sad but true.

  • At 1:27 pm on September 12, 2006, barbie2be commented:

    i had 2284 back links but was still a tiny little guppy. but you know what… i’m ok with that!

    michele sent me

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