Bayside Condos concrete pour

San Diego, BAYSIDE condos ($795,000 to $12,000,000.each condo, 282 total.)


This photo shows the concrete pour, last weekend, of the south one-half only of the ten-foot-thick RAFT slab, which supports the 35 story tower. This was a 258 truck ballet in which the contractor placed 11,500 yards of concrete in one monolithic pour that got started at five in the morning and finished by three in the afternoon.

258 trucks in 10 hours = 26 trucks per hour = 1 truck every 2 minutes 20 seconds.

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  1. A big concrete pour!

    However the math is slightly understated because the concrete truck only has a capacity of 10.50 cubic yards (8 cubic metres)


    • Total amount of concrete delivered = 11,500 cubic yards

    • Total number of truck deliveries = 11,500/10.50 = 1095.24; say 1096 truck deliveries. 4-5 concrete deliveries per concrete truck (easy)

    • Delivery period = 10 hours, therefore about 110 truck deliveries per hour

    • Every hour 110 concrete trucks deliver their loads to 15 concrete pumps which are spread around the site.

    • Each pump received about 8 truckloads of concrete per hour – 1 truck delivery per pump every 7.50 minutes. A good performance well within the capability of a good quality concrete pump.

    • With 15 pumps operating continuously, there would have been a truck delivery every 30 seconds over the 10 hour pour period

    I am impressed by the management of the concrete delivery – a massive coordination effort

  2. we just finished a 4200m3 pour over the weekend. 4 pumps going at the same time. My pump averaged 55m3/hour. Hell of a job from the whole crew. No blows and no confusion. Everyone was at their best.

    Congrats yo you guys. Looks like a hell of an operation.

    Mike @ StationLands in Edmonton, AB

  3. Yeah those big pours were a lot of fun,I was on PARK PLACE,SANTA FE south and north,ELECTRA,and BAY SIDE,from the ground up.Those big pours are all just memories now,living in a photo album.Lets build somemore. Carpenter ROBERT R.MOORE

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