Battle of the Little Pumpkin Kings

Two friends of mine each had a little baby boy recently. And as with any new parent in this age of technology, they shared their pictures with friends and family via the internet. But what struck me as interesting (aside from how cute each one is) was how early each child was trying to establish their reign as the cutest ‘Little Pumpkin’ King. Each one is taking a different approach to winning you over. Ethan is clearly demonstrating his power and determination, saying “I am a great leader, I will protect you from all harm” while Levi is letting his lovable charm and gentleness melt your hearts. So the question remains…

Who do you want as your King – the Lion or the Lamb?

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Little Pumpkin Kings

  1. Actually, it’s a trick question but I’m glad someone picked up on it. If you ask people who they would rather have as their King, a Lion or a Lamb, it reveals something about where their heart is and how they see God.

    Revelation 5: 1-7

  2. Maybe it’s just me, or the way you phrased the question. My first thought was – the Lion and the Lamb are one and the same. :-)

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