Bad Function

I’m always trying to improve my site’s functionality and usability. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

bad service

Today I realized it didn’t. I found this article on Smashing Magazine that offered 10 useful rss hacks for wordpress . One tip/hack I tried was supposed to delay the FEED by x-number of minutes. The idea is that I inevitably will find several typos, bad grammar, or busted links right after I publish a post. Once published, those mistake go to you feed reader or inbox (depending on your subscription)

Unfortunately, it killed all my feeds so that nobody was getting them. The last good feed was December 2nd, 2008 (Corbin is a year old). I’ve removed the offending code so you should be getting my posts (mistakes and all) as soon as they are published. You’ll know it is working because you are reading this in your inbox or feed reader.

Let me know that it’s working by posting a comment here. Simply say “Hi” and try not to go on and on about how much you missed me. And to help you get caught up, just stat at Corbin is a year old and read forward from there. (or start here and stop there)

4 thoughts on “Bad Function

  1. And here I had figured you just fell off the edge of the Earth…

    Why not check the feed links @ Inktank forums (or lack of? :P)

  2. Unless you see something I don’t, the (now tamed) RSS monster should post for you (as it’s doing again now). So if you don’t see a post at InkTank after you post something here… you know it’s broken again. :D

  3. Actually, that’s how I figured out there was a problem. Even though I should have noticed it when they stopped showing up in my own feed reader or when my sister said “I’m not getting my email subscription anymore” or when my number one fan stopped commenting…

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