Baby’s got a brand new camera

So a few weeks ago, I treated my wife, PhotoJulia, to a new camera – the Canon Rebel XT. Features include…
8.0-megapixel CMOS sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
Canon?s EF-S 18-55mm, f3.5-5.6 zoom lens
DIGIC II Image Processor provides fast, accurate image processing; captures images at a rate of up to 3 frames per second
Fast start-up time?.2 seconds
Powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (included, with charger)
See for more details.

Now there are of course the numerous accessories and upgrades to go with that including additional lenses, various flash mounts, remote shutter releases and battery/grip expansions. All-in-all, a very daunting selection which we will eventually have to face. But that’s a good thing. Being abble to upgrade this cammera is one of the prime reasons I selected it to replace the Minolta DiMAGE she was using.

Now as her birthday and Christmas are coming, I want to start adding to her camera bag but don’t know where to start. The EF-S 17-85 mm IS is good but expensive and a fix lens is more affordable but less usefull for general use. Maybe a better flash or a macro lens would be a good choice. Of course, the remote shutter controls look good too.

Well, if any of you have some experience with this and can offer a suggestion (or a free gift) let me know. In the mean time, visit her new website at to see why she deserves such a good camera.

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4 thoughts on “Baby’s got a brand new camera

  1. Ah Luke, tell Julia, welcome to the Canon world! I have had the XT for about a year now and am now looking to get a different body. BUt that’s a whole different story.

    I have the 50 1.4, 85 1.8, the 135 2.0, and my hope is one day to get the 24-105 4L. There is a reason why those fixed lenses are such a great buy. They are very sharp because there is less glass that you’re dealing with. Zooms have its purpose, but most pros say that fixed focal lengths (prime lenses) actually force you to move which makes you work on your composition. Zooms work for weddings and such, but they’re limited. The prime lenses are so sharp for its price, a price you would need to pay 1K for usually at that sharpness.

    I heard good things about the 17-85mm IS but it is an EFS lens. If she ever plans on upgrading the body to a full frame one day, she’ll have to get rid of that lens because it won’t work on FF.

    Personally, I would say the 50 1.8 is cheap and awesome. It is the best deal out there. I’d go there if you’re looking to spend around 100. But if you want a bit more, the 50 1.4 is great. The 85 1.8 is really nice too, but a bit more (over 200).

    Flashes are really nice. I have the Speedlite 580. It’s worth the extra money. Oh by the way, Luke, if you didn’t know, photog spending is endless!

  2. Her photography is wonderful.

    I just brought home a Nikon D80, so I’m familiar with your current position. I’d start with the flash, because the built-in unit is great for simple situations, but useless for more complex indoor shooting. Lack of bounce is also a real drag.

    I’d get a fixed lens for portrait work. Sam is right: zoom lenses have gotten better in recent years, but every photog should have a tack sharp fixed focal length lens in the camera bag for portrait work. Macro capability – either in this lens or another dedicated unit – is also desirable.

    A remote shutter release is pretty inexpensive, so it would be a nice stocking stuffer.

    In the end, what you buy should be driven by how she shoots. Let her priorities guide you.

    Visiting from Michele’s. It’s good to e-see you again!

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