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October 7, 2008 now supports Gravatars

With my recent spat of housekeeping (notice the changes to the sidebars?) I have also added support for gravatar.

What is a gravatar?

A gravatar, or Globally Recognized AVATAR, is quite simply an avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars help identify your posts on web forums, so why not on weblogs?

How do I get a gravatar?

Signing up for a account is FREE, and all that’s required is your email address. Once you’ve signed up you can upload your avatar image and soon after you’ll start seeing it on gravatar enabled weblogs like mine!

If you don’t have a gravatar, you’ll get the dreaded dead pirate fish. If you need help with making a gravatar, let me know and I’ll give you a hand. Feel free to leave a comment just to see what it looks like.

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  • At 5:04 pm on October 7, 2008, Arantor commented:

    Gravatar support was one of the most highly requested features in WP 2.5.

    I’m really just posting to make sure it works and looks consistent within the rest of the theme right now.

  • At 5:16 pm on October 7, 2008, Adonis commented:

    I think they look fine.

  • At 5:32 pm on October 7, 2008, archshrk commented:

    Thanks for checking.
    Adonis, Where’s your website man?
    I know you’ll be a posting fiend with that new camera of yours.

  • At 9:31 pm on October 7, 2008, Adonis commented:

    Ya. ya. I *should* have a website. It took only about 6 hours to cobble something together for someone else (thought I’ll have a *lot* more content).

    I’ve got some hosting and pictures up over at sablewing’s site (doesn’t everybody?) but I might just go with freehostia…

    While I’m at it I should sign up for a gravatar so I’m not some weird, generic, mostly dead fish. 0.o

  • At 9:43 pm on October 7, 2008, Adonis commented:

    Does it work yet?

  • At 9:47 pm on October 7, 2008, Adonis commented:

    Oh, good. It makes it based on the hidden email address, which I *did* put correctly (IE the spam one).

    Now I’ve gone and made a mess of your blog… :P

    (and ignore the http:// http:// address in the previous post)

  • At 9:48 pm on October 7, 2008, Adonis commented:

    And apparently supports GIFs. I was going to say that last post….

  • At 9:50 pm on October 7, 2008, archshrk commented:

    As for websites, try or Both are pretty easy and not likely to disappear (and free). You can host pictures on flickr and integrate it in your website.

  • At 10:31 pm on October 7, 2008, Adonis commented:

    I don’t know. I’m not really a ‘blogger’. Sure I post a lot, but I’d rather have a ‘fixture’ type website than a journal.

    The built-in comment support would look nice, but I’d probably end up disabling more stuff than I’d have to add to a ‘vanilla’ website..

    Not that I have any experience whatsoever with blogger/wordpress, so feel free to correct me.

  • At 8:05 am on October 8, 2008, archshrk commented:

    Given the nature of what you’re likely to “publish” (photoshop images) you’d probably look at a photog styled blog. Basically any blog/journal CMS (content managment system) can be used as a photo blog. You just need the right plugins. Heck, wordpress is good enough to use “as-is” for the most part.

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