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Did you know you could subscribe to the archshrk channel on YouTube? You can. And it’s easy.

In order to subscribe:

1. Create/Sign into your account.

2. Go to either a user’s channel page, or on the video watch-page, look to the right hand side of any video. You’ll see a yellow “Subscribe” button.

3. To subscribe to that user’s videos and/or activity, click the yellow button. You’ll receive a confirmation that you successfully subscribed to the user.

4. Once you’ve subscribed, you can customize your subscription options. On the user’s channel page (next to their profile icon), you’ll see “Edit subscription”. When you click “Edit subscription” various subscription options will appear. These include:

    Subscribing to all of a user’s public activity (uploads, favorites, ratings etc.)
    Subscribing to only video uploads
    Unsubscribing from the user

5. Select option(s) that you’d like to see in your subscription updates.

6. Click the “Update” button. You’ll now be subscribed to the user uploads/activity.

Please note: your email address must be confirmed and you must be signed into your account in order to subscribe to other users or videos.

2 thoughts on “archshrk on YouTube

  1. Not quite everything. For example, I only posted two of the videos from the fair, Julia posted another one and there are a couple more that didn’t get posted anywhere. Granted, not everybody wants to see every video we upload but my family might and this makes it easier for them. Plus, someone might want to look at old videos.

    Even if you don’t subscribe, you might want to see what videos (by others) I Favorited or simply “Liked”

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